How to hide the pipe in the toilet ;how to make repairs in the bathroom sew sewer ?

How to hide the pipe in the toilet ;how to make repairs in the bathroom sew sewer ?
You will need:
  • drywall
  • plastic panels
  • chipboard
# 1

Like any room in the house or apartment, the toilet should also look aesthetically attractive and be part of the overall designpremises.But this is problematic, since existing communication does not allow much imagination to roam.But still, if you have patience and a huge desire to hide the pipe in a closet in the cellar.

# 2

most important thing is what you need to remember - this is the material of manufacture of sewer pipes themselves as different material has a different style and durability.It is also important to understand that there are unforeseen emergencies, during which require urgent access to the pipes, which implies immediate access to sanitation in order to avoid damage made designs.Therefore, there are two types of solutions for the masking of pipes in the bathroom - closed - open.The first method is a flush-mounted sewer communications under the layer of cement in the floor or in the wall.With this installation y

ou need to understand that the replacement of all utilities must be done in time to immurement process.The material from which pipes are made, should have a maximum period of use, pipes themselves must be uniform with a minimal number of connections.

# 3

second way is lighter and is popular in production and has a number of advantages.Presenting an open method of installation, such constructions are more functional to use.For example, in an emergency situation, you can easily "get" to the pipes and allow all sorts of problems.There are several commonly used designs that solve the problem of how to hide the pipe in the toilet: false wall box, wardrobe, blinds.Raised wall.This version of "steal" enough closet space that is impossible, for example, in the Khrushchev.Therefore, designing a false wall, usually made of plasterboard to be moved forward a little toilet itself, but it is best to use a suspension which would save space.Be sure to make a door or window to provide access to communications and niche can be used as additional storage space.

# 4

Box.This type is easier than the first.As a rule, the box can be made with the help of drywall or plastic panels.Also do not forget to make a pipe available.The main thing is to determine the size and frame material.Options for the finish are also diverse.Cupboard.It is better to build a structure made of particle board.Wardrobe as the false wall is functional enough to use, allowing you to use the space as much as possible.RolstavniPosledny view of the most easy to use, as it takes up very little space and does not require installation of power, and also have the convenience of access to utilities.

# 5

Finally, perhaps did not make any skeletons, you can beat these pipes as special interesting interior details.It is easier and much more interesting.Thus, no matter what method is chosen, the main thing to understand how much effort and money will need to spend on the installation of the pipe material and design, as well as the willingness to provide unhindered access to the utilities in the event of an accident or any other events.