How to fix the creaking of the laminate once and for all ?

How to fix the creaking of the laminate once and for all ?
You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Plinth
  • level
  • dowel-nails
# 1

after repairs, when it would seem, it remains only to enjoy the beauty, purity andcosiness home, many people begin to celebrate the minor inconveniences caused by poor quality of work.Including the question arises, how to fix the creaking of the laminate.To do this, you first need to find out why there was an unpleasant sound.

# 2

often causes lie in the presence of gaps between the laminate and the walls and in the floor uneven.To understand how to remove the creaking floorboards, you need to check whether the coating to the walls, and, if necessary, trim the edges of 1-2 cm is not in contact (but no more than that the gap could be closed a plinth).

# 3

If between the laminate and the walls sufficient clearance must be sought on the cause, in particular, it is worth recalling the previous life experience, how to fix the creaking sofa.To do this, check the connection details of the place and eliminate them rubbing against

each other.With flooring the same principle: the voids are formed when insufficient quality screed, causing friction laminate substrate.

# 4

If there is unevenness in the floor and in bad screed must be removed and the laminate to achieve absolute smooth bases - even out the floor and put a cushioning layer of resilient (better - cork) material.Elevation for 1 sq. M.cover must not exceed 1 mm.To assess the degree of importance of a good foundation, it is worth remembering how to remove the squeak of the bed - for this purpose it is necessary to check the condition of its "basics" - a wooden frame or spring.

# 5

Another important point - the connection of structural elements with each other.This friction often causes neighboring parts creak product during operation.Motorist are faced with the problem of how to eliminate the creaking doors of the car, knows that this unpleasant sound is produced at the site of friction metal "larva" and the castle.The situation is similar with the laminate: the creaking can occur by ingestion of sand or debris in the joints, as well as in the case of insufficient fastening tight coating edges.To avoid these problems, it is necessary before laying the laminate to vacuum all the details, and after laying fix it skirting the edge and dowel-nails around the perimeter of the room.