Figuring out how to drill a hole with their hands

Figuring out how to drill a hole with their hands
You will need:
  • Casing
  • pipe tap
  • filter stvazhinny
  • pump vibration submersible
# 1

figuring out how to drill a hole with their hands not for nothing that every host country sitedreaming about their own well with the cleanest waters.Many carry this dream and become happy owners of valuable moisture.Of course, no problem to order drilling service in our time.But before you drill a hole with your hands, you should study in detail the special literature and to determine its location.It is not difficult if the neighboring areas have already made such a column and has an idea of ​​the depth at which the sand aquifer lies - and the height of its layer.

# 2

for drilling requires special equipment.The main thing - is to have the desired diameter of the casing.If you are going to hit the hole "on the sand", the diameter of the pipe must be 133 mm.Then, in this opening to easily enter 110 th water pipe and 89th - filter.This optimal size to establish vibronasos suspension, which can be immers

ed deep into the well.Furthermore casing important to have at hand welding machine, winch elements for hanging pipes in vertical position and the clutch lever for tightening the casing.And also - the pump for the well, how to choose it - will understand later.

# 3

look on the internet at least hundreds of video and photos on how to punch the hole with their hands - all the same in their own practice, you will fill a bunch of cones.But there will be an invaluable experience.The most important thing in the process of drilling - the first segment of the casing to put only vertically.For this it is necessary to strictly, literally every 10 cm. By checking the level or plumb.Then all subsequent tube will nicely without distortion.Otherwise, it may happen that the well will be a little Serpantinka omitted.This is bad, because the five-meter filter in a pipe stuck in the middle.And how clean the wellbore from the stuck parts - it is difficult to come up with.

# 4

Another trick helps to save a lot of time for self-drilling.Passing quicksand (a layer of sand over the desired level), when there is a sample of the thick moist soil - the pipe should pour waters.Coming from outside the water helps to soak centuries spresovany underground sand, clay and silt.And a sample of the dirt out of the hole faster several times than without some water.For such a diameter casing will need 2-3 buckets per 1 cm. Immersion.Therefore, be sure to consider how to find water to wells in the period of quicksand.

# 5

As you can see, quite a few tricks.And all kinds of scenarios will still fail to take into account.But the majority of alert required.For example, it is important to intelligently approach the selection of a submersible pump vibration.To begin with, at the stage of cleaning and testing of the well is fine "Babe" or "trickle".But this is not a budget option very well be relied upon in the long term.Especially if you enjoy the well a large family in the period of active work in the garden watering.It is necessary to carefully examine the proposals of imported products manufacturers.Main characteristics - size, lift height, performance and power consumption.