How to make the chickens scurry ;than to feed the chickens ?

How to make the chickens scurry ;than to feed the chickens ?
You will need:
  • Proper care
  • Balanced feed
  • Long daylight
# 1

Most households keep chickens, not for meat, and for the sake of the eggs.As a rule, the average hen in the normal diet gives one egg per day.There are a number of reasons, which can serve as a decrease in egg production in chickens.To raise the level of objection hens eggs must first determine the cause of loss of productivity.Only by setting the root cause of the problem, we can get a positive trend and increase the number of eggs.As a rule, the main reasons for the decrease in egg production chickens are age periods, lack of balanced feed, the disease, as well as a violation of the conditions of birds.

# 2

Many pet owners want chicken mini farms as soon as possible to get the maximum number of eggs from the chickens, but did not take into account the optimal productive period of chickens.Kura-pullets reach optimum size for carrying eggs about 7-9 months of life.Stimulate egg production from them is strongly discouraged,

as this may lead to a variety of diseases and even death of young chickens.It is necessary to wait for nature to take its toll and the chickens will not give eggs at a time, you can adjust their productivity.Furthermore, it is impossible to simply increase the productivity of older chickens, they usually go on slaughtering.The second common cause of decline in egg production - the lack of balanced feed.

# 3

second common cause of decline in egg production - the lack of balanced kormov.Mnogie farmers think, than to feed the chickens so that they are well swept.To improve egg production should be given a variety of mash, cereals, finely chopped grass.In some cases reduced egg production of chickens due to lack of calcium in the body of the bird, in this case it is recommended to give milled chalk, and finely milled shells from eggs.If the problem is to give the egg falls on the winter season, it is likely the case in the lack of vitamins in the diet, as well as to reduce the light of the day.Light day for normal objection should be 12-15 hours.

# 4

order to increase egg production in the winter need to arrange additional lighting in the henhouse, and add to mash bone meal and special preparations stimulate egg production.In order to increase the egg laying hens farm owner need to objectively assess the condition of the chickens and their conditions of detention.Typically, the duration of egg laying hens period of about 2 years.Earlier beginning eggs objection period may adversely affect the health of pullets.Typically, if the egg laying hens is reduced by 50%, these are chickens for slaughter.

# 5

Using the above tips, you can easily identify the problem that caused the decrease in the productivity of chickens, and on the basis of the data to try to rectify the situation.In normal nutrition and creating optimal conditions for the content of chickens, you can quickly achieve a positive result and renew the lost productivity of chickens on the farm.The number of eggs depends on the care and sensitivity to the needs of owners to the chickens.