How to make a crossbow with his own hands ?

How to make a crossbow with his own hands ?
You will need:
  • Lodge
  • resilient element
  • Trigger
  • Sights
# 1

Make a crossbow with his own hands is not difficult.Start with a crossbow manufacturing design lodge.It can be made from solid hardwood or plywood.The shape of the bed independently select, based on the fact that it was convenient to apply.Speed ​​up the process of self-assembly crossbow you can, if you take a box of small arms, and deepening, which will remain on the stem, fill the wooden bars, all glue epoxy glue.An important process in the manufacture of the box is a surface finish.She will direct the bow and arrow on it should not be rough edges and burrs.Make them straight, without flaws can be a milling machine.From the quality of the lodge made will depend on the accuracy of the weapon.By its end fastened cross, which is already screwed shoulders.Spider cast aluminum alloy ingot or milled out of the same material, and it can be made of wood.Locate the spider on the bed is necessary so that the window from which to fly a

n arrow appears next to the guide groove, and clung to the bed when firing an arrow.

# 2

elastic member in a homemade crossbow can be leverage from the sport bow.They reduce the weight of the crossbow and flavored recoil.You can also use the shoulders, combined with broken arrows.To do this, you need to find a pair that will have the same characteristics.

# 3

Since the Middle Ages the principle of operation of the trigger mechanism has changed little, so make it into a modern workshop will be easy.Bowstring at raising the tab engages in the lever, which is held by turning the trigger.When shooting presses on the hook, the lever comes to the free position, and inertial string rushes forward, and this sends an arrow.In order to control the movement of the lever, shall be placed, which must be attached to a tube of rubber (softener pin).Pick up for the stop position so that in the end position of the lever protrusion is lower than the guide surface of the box, thereby causing obstacles to the string slip.Track after a shot in the end position holding spring, which can be done from a safety pin.Adjusting the trigger is simpler and more reliable if it is collected in a metal housing, which then can be attached to the correct jack on the box with screws.

# 4

In order to collect a crossbow aiming device for rear sight and front sight is needed.There are many variations of their designs, they depend on the manufacturing capabilities.Installed above pillar flies due to high flight path arrows.It is possible to construct a whole, which can be removed or added, a crossbow is easy to transport.