How to make a bedroom from the kitchen : one-bedroom apartment

How to make a bedroom from the kitchen : one-bedroom apartment
You will need:
  • permission to redevelop
  • construction materials
  • construction team
  • finishing materials
  • decorations
# 1

Yes, in a studio apartment not too much spacefor big upheavals and alterations.But if you want and you can make all the possibilities.Before you tear down or to finish building the walls of the apartment need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.Once permission is obtained, it is possible to act.How to implement the restructuring of apartments, consisting of one room, kitchen and bathroom, if you really want to make a separate bedroom?Before the kitchen to make a bedroom, all you need to consciously weigh and calculate.You do not have to pick up all the kitchen space to make more room.You can get out of the situation by a significant decrease in the kitchen to make room only for a small "island", where you can prepare food safely.The remaining space should be divided into two rooms, one of which is the living room, where you can dine and and receive visi


# 2

Then there is the question of how to zone the bedroom?Naturally this room is to be closed from prying eyes.Therefore, divide the bedroom from the living room is possible by means of plasterboard walls or foam blocks.With this layout is now living will be a central place in the apartment.When turned to build the wall and the room already exists as a separate state, the question arises - how you arrange the bedroom?Here a flight of fancy of every person is unlimited.Today, there is so great a variety of finishing materials, and come up with a particularly nothing.It is necessary to determine the order which will be the ceiling, walls, floor and down the hardware store.After finishing the bedroom is complete, you need to move on to the decor.

# 3

How to make a window in the bedroom detail tell experts on tailoring and design of curtains.First, you can make the computer version of the window decoration, t. E. To recreate the special programs of the room to pick up the project and the curtains, which are suitable for colors, style and a style.To learn how to do the ceiling in the bedroom should reflect long before the registration window.Materials for surface finishing today a great variety.You can use the film web to the top of the design, which is called the suspended ceiling.This stretch ceiling color scheme can be absolutely anything.The films have bright colors, pastel, dark, even black.The variety of choice allows you to find exactly what is right for the style and design of the room.Currently there are many construction companies that provide services for the construction, since the apartment project creation to delivery of object "turnkey".This allows even a small one-room apartment to make a cozy, practical and comfortable for living environment.