How to make a podium for the speaker in a flat with their hands ?

How to make a podium for the speaker in a flat with their hands ?
You will need:
  • boards or beams
  • plywood sheet
  • Screws, dyupeli
  • Corners fixing
  • level
  • Soft flooring or linoleum
# 1

For lovers of good audiosystems with large fixed columns for the creation of a podium placing their issue date.Most often, the podiums for speakers stereosistemnyh make motorists.Setting the speakers in a regular place gives the worst sound.Podium of the acoustics in the car is needed to physically fix the speaker, which gives the right to build a sound.In addition, succinctly fit into the column space of the machine look more aesthetically pleasing.Almost the same task is performed by a podium for speakers in the interior of the apartment.But unlike a car podiums, which do not recommend tinkering on their own due to a number of reasons, it is easy to make the podium at home stereos independently.For information on how to make the podium for home speakers can tell the professionals involved in the repair.

# 2

podium in the interior - a drop floor heights, different

levels of surfaces.The need for such a structure can occur for several reasons: when it is necessary to divide the room into zones, if necessary to make room for storage, for technical reasons, for example, to hide the wires.Part of the reason for the third podium installation applies to the stereo system in the room.Hill, hollow inside, will not only pick up the column and thereby improve the sound of your favorite music, but also give an opportunity to hide the cable inside the podium.Well-proven solution to such a home theater setup.And if there is a function in the stereo karaoke, a podium can not only raise the column above the floor, but also serve as the stage for home singing songs.

# 3

How to make the podium in the apartment, described in many sources of home repair.This process is not very time-consuming for the podium materials are sold in all the shops of building materials and tools exist for each host, which the master something with their own hands.Boards need a minimum of 150 mm wide and 19 mm thick.Before proceeding directly to the production, it will need a drawing with exact dimensions of the future construction.Podium can be rectangular in shape, but it is better to think about the lines of elevation contours, which are more in sync fit into the interior of the room.The height of the podium must be no more than a step, 15-20 cm. Accordingly, the width of the board should be smooth selected height.You can use a timber made of wood 50x50 and 30x40.In fact, from the boards make the frame future construction.

# 4

Once ready drawing how to make the podium in the apartment with his hands, it becomes clear.Having determined the location for the podium under the column, it is necessary, by laser or ordinary level to draw its border.If the runway is intended only for installation in his equipment, enough to use the board size for the above structure perimeter.To the floor they should be attached with metal screws to the corners.In the center you need to put a few planks for stiffness.Their number will depend on the size of the podium.On top to the frame on the screws screwed a sheet of 20 mm thick plywood.If you want to do with the elevation angles of the board, forming these angles are pre-sharpened under the specified degree on the drawing.Lateral boards can sheathe felt that the frame is not gritted.

# 5

The boards, which play the role of the facade, you can make holes for the light bulb spot light, then a podium is not just "play", but also shine.As well as making the podium for speakers with their own hands, the podium speakers for home requires precise calculation and following drawings.If the error is due to the curvature of the walls will be more than 5 mm, it is necessary to adjust the height of the podium.Somewhat more complicated is the design of the podium scene.For her, using wood varnishes, which are laid on supports crosswise.Previously on the surface at the podium for the proofing is necessary to lay polyethylene and cork backing.Then stack the cut size of the podium a thin sheet of 10 mm plywood, which is attached to the floor dyupel-nails.After all the preparatory work can be set varnishes and secure areas.

# 6

to the walls varnishes are attached with anchors.When the entire frame is firmly secured podium, you can do styling top panel of thick plywood.Better to plywood was solid.If you make the top of the two sheets, it is necessary to leave the technological gaps.Before finishing the new design, you need to make a hole in which to hide the wires and take care of the necessary quantity of sockets next to the podium where the equipment will be located.So the question of how to make the podium for speakers, will be resolved.Will think about finishing.Materials for cladding of the podium, you can select are the same as on the floor in a room or a contrasting color, but similar in texture.This could be carpet, linoleum and even laminate.