How beautiful flowers dotting room ?

How beautiful flowers dotting room ?
You will need:
  • few pots of flowers
  • free space in the house
  • Fantasy
# 1

flowers and other house plants do monotonous life brighter.It is necessary to take into account a number of features, modern technologies for interior landscaping.If you have experience in the selection of plants and care for them, the problems with the arrangement you will not have.If you do not have skills how to arrange flowers in the apartment, then first carefully inspect your home, all the angles in which you plan to place your plants, appropriate living space especially for the purpose of plant growth.

# 2

Since many of the modern apartments have a small area for horizontal placement of a narrow windowsill, lack of living space, the owners tend to take a decision in favor of vertical landscaping house with partial use of horizontal planes.In practice, the problem of how to arrange flowers in the house, solved as follows: the brackets are attached to the main wall, and on it are placed decorative grilles,

glass shelves and screens.

# 3

They serve as a support and give a sense of integrity in the space.Thus, it is possible to combine different colors in the area with one, each of which, anyway, is an independent unit.It is very good to use as a place for flowers empty spaces of different geometric shapes.It may be niche, arch.Thus, you can maximize the space of an apartment or house, leaving vital horizontal surface unoccupied.

# 4

One of the main rules of how to arrange flowers beautifully matching room is the room size and number of plants.We need to use the space optimally.In small apartments is better to use low-growing indoor plants with large leaves.Do not start a rare plants with special care.Enough to use the already established ornamental plants such as dracaena, ficus.They are well suited for seamless fill the empty space.