How to make a stained glass window film ?

How to make a stained glass window film ?
You will need:
  • Adhesive tape
  • Films for stained glass
  • Knives for glass and film
  • scissors, rollers, lead tape
# 1

To produce a film stained glass, there are twopath.The first one is fairly simple.The store bought ready-made self-adhesive film with a stained glass pattern (usually the geometric patterns on a transparent background), glass cleaner.The surface of the glass is cleaned, the film is separated from the base of a small area on the top edge, is glued to the glass.

# 2

Then the foundation carefully, slowly, separated from the bottom and top film roll or ironed cloth for uniform gluing.If you clear at once the whole foundation, the film can go awry, with the audience or bubbles.Therefore, sticking operation is best done alone.The advantage of this method is that the glass does not need to be removed from the casement, drawback - the lack of decorative and standard patterns.

# 3

To produce high-grade film stained glass you will need a light table, which is placed on the

drawing on paper, and on it the glass, pre-rubbed glass cleaner.The contours of the figure laid out a lead tape which is rolled with a roller.After that, the glass is inverted.

# 4

How to make stained glass window film, make it look like the real one?To do this, you just need to observe the technology and have artistic taste.After the coup of glass, beneath it lay a cork backing or foam pads to prevent damage to already formed circuit.Further, the reverse side of glass degreased, and it rolled down and glued pieces of roll film, selected in accordance with a pattern.

# 5

this technology for about 40 years, so the film is presented in hundreds of colors and textures, and lead tape, which is essentially a self-adhesive, has about 10 different shades.Supplies are made from high quality polyester with protection from fading, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.In some samples there are guarantees for up to 10 years.The film mark a marker and cut out with scissors.

# 6

Film stained-glass windows with their hands favorably as low as solder and not inferior to the decoration, although a bit lose to counteract mechanical damage.Once you have completed the elements of the film, it is necessary to lay out the contours of the figure of lead tape, so that it covers the joints of the film pattern and hid under a lower belt loop.

# 7

meticulous work completed by rolling lead tape and cleaning the films from the marker traces, for which professionals use Cosmofen20.Skilled craftsmen often complement film stained glass elements in the technique of "fusing" (sintered glass), or the technique of bevel (glass with facets), which are glued to the UV adhesive.