How to transform the bathroom ?

How to transform the bathroom ?
You will need:
  • Fantasy
  • Leisure
  • Desire
# 1

We have so much time to devote to the decoration and beautification of our homes, it was a logical and self-evident,and yet we often forget about the main thing, perhaps a place in our house.Bathroom - one of the few places where you can truly relax completely, so why it should get round, making innovative action in all other areas?

# 2

If you refresh the style of the bathroom, it will stay for at least an order of magnitude more pleasant.Read on - and you will learn how to transform the bathroom simple but tasteful.One of the easiest ways to decorate the bathroom - it arrange it in some style.Would be the best marine style: water theme for the site water treatment go perfectly.

# 3

To do this, buy a new curtain for the bath, with fish or dolphins, select towels blue and green colors, decorate the wall vinyl stickers with images of marine fish, shells and animals.Also, it is not forbidden to show imagination and improve existing bathr

oom accessories using natural seashells, starfish and sea stones.

# 4

Just a couple of hours - and your bathroom is completely transformed!Being in it is a pleasure, both for you and for other members of your family!If you do not want to be a fan of any style, you can simply replace the obsolete units that are used in the bathroom.

# 5

Curtain, towels, hooks and holders, stand for dental supplies, dish soap - all this can be easily and quickly, without much effort, replaced by new things that will be infinitely pleasing to the eye.It is also worth thinking about a new rug for the feet: the best choice would be the rubber mat with a plurality of holes on its surface to prevent water accumulation.

# 6

In addition, visually expand and add a new note in your bathroom mirror will help.One big mirror - and usually close bathroom gain volume.If you have the desire and time - it is possible to think about a composite light: the more light, the more fun you will be in an updated bathroom!

# 7

These are just a few touches that tell you how to transform the bathroom.You can all come up and make themselves - just turn on your imagination and listen, she will tell you.If you do everything exactly as you say your most kind and wise counselor - you will be satisfied with the updates inside and out.