How to choose the color of the laminate ?

How to choose the color of the laminate ?
You will need:
  • Room
  • Personal preferences
# 1

Discard any colors that you dislike.This will immediately reduce the number of options, at least half.Consider your lifestyle and the type of use that is happening in the room, which is being restored.For example, if you have a black dog or cat, do not consider light colors such as white or maple, because pet dander is a problem.

# 2

The same applies to the white and the dark animal sex.Also, if there are children in the home, which is usually spread dirt, light, bright shades should be excluded.If you do not know how to choose the color of the laminate, imagine a room where the floor will lie down, and pay attention to the combination with furniture, walls and accessories.For example, a laminate with orange shading may conflict with blue trim walls.

# 3

Select five or six samples of the available options.Do not worry if you have a choice of 20 colors of the laminate;for a decision is sufficient to look at the patterns in the room wh

ere you plan to repair.Tell the seller that you want to test the samples at home.

# 4

If you are not sure how to choose the laminate in color, then you enough to put each sample in the room in which it will be installed, making sure to treat it in direct sunlight or artificial light, you usein the room.Repeat this process with each sample that you brought home, except for those that do not fit in your room.

# 5

Repeat the last step if you have not chosen a color, exchange samples in the store until you narrow down the choice to a single laminate colors.Now you can continue the process zpmeny floors, with full confidence that you found the perfect color laminate for your home.If you were at a loss how to choose the color of the laminate, remember that it should complement the furniture and color of the walls.

# 6

For example, if you have dark furniture, the laminate average color, such as cherry color will work well to complement the furniture and atmosphere you are trying to create.However, if you have furniture and wall light or neutral colors, the light, laminate Brown will work best with your bathroom.