How to arrange a dacha ?

How to arrange a dacha ?
You will need:
  • Tiles
  • Sponge
  • Paper
  • Decorating tools
# 1

Naturally the view that it is necessary to decorate the villa.It is known to many cottagers, even small decoration in the interior has a pleasant awareness of the beauty of your own home.Comfort, which can make home decor and freedom of the author's thoughts - that will need everything for a country house.After all, every woman and owner of cottages dream about making it their home was the most beautiful!

# 2

As an example, you can use this.Defective pieces of ceramic tile or tiles can be simply unnecessary to go into business.How to arrange the cottage by a decoration of tiles?The fact that the various mosaics can be added.By purchasing a special knock and "biting off" pieces of tiles, you can start putting different drawings of the pieces and putting them onto the base, and then attach to the ceiling, the walls, make a frame for a mirror, etc.

# 3

Sutures are treated with a special composition, but they are overwritte

n with a sponge.You can then sprinkle painting tool, giving luster mosaic crafts.You can make the ceiling and in the country, which will look unique.To acquire this tile foam, such as defective.This material can be cut into many pieces and turn them into "mosaic" on the ceiling.

# 4

How to decorate a country house with their hands?If the owners of country houses have wild imagination and time to carry out his ambitious desires, it can be cute and very practical paintings and panels of different materials residues: leather, fabric, etc.This panel can then be nailed to the door, thus making it unique and inimitable.

# 5

Sometimes there is a lot of old furniture, which is no good.For example, a shabby table and chairs.But one can make a great summer set.Moreover, completely new.Old paint must be removed, then sanded wood, paint a fresh coat of paint, for example, white.Now we need to proceed to the second stage - the technique of decoupage.How to make a beautiful country house with the help of this technique, many housewives tell-needlewoman.

# 6

So, you put the glue on the cut image, wait until dry, and cover it with a thin layer of lacquer.It turns out the original furniture with amazing pictures.I would like to add in conclusion that these were just a few ideas to help make a beautiful cottage.And the owners themselves of suburban homes must give the house a piece of his imagination!