How to decorate a painted clay pot ?

How to decorate a painted clay pot ?
You will need:
  • Pot
  • matt paint for the background
  • Acrylic paint pink shades
  • Stencils
  • Brushes
# 1

Cover the pot light green matt paint cannormal, which is used for the repair.Let him, as it should, is dry.Reprinted from the computer drawing of a large flower with clear contours.Cut out the stencil out of it.Attach a paper stencil to the pot, and the first Draw bright pink paint intricate contours of the flower, and then later fill in the other colors of its petals.

# 2

sure to Draw a golden or silver paint core and branches, thin lines.This is easily done if you do not draw a solid line and staccato shtrishkami as artists do.How to decorate a clay pot pink flower?You can do without a stencil, draw the outline of a flower on a clay pot with a lead pencil.Figure must be beautiful branches and simple, precise contours, so that you can paint without any problems.

# 3

easiest way to carry out such manipulations on the pot, set in pots, as it holds it.Pot of clay can be colored a

ny available colors, but it is for this artistry is best suited acrylic, so they can achieve a glossy effect.Stock up on them in advance.

# 4

When the paint on the flower dries, take the plastic rhinestone golden color (they are sold in stores for sewing), and glue them with superglue - first into the core, and then in the middle of the flower petals, its "skeleton" of the.It remains a masterpiece covered in the doll style gloss lacquer handicraft.How to paint the clay pot in an exotic style?

# 5

For decoration in the "exotic" style, you need to prepare in advance painted in a different color egg shells, decorative stones for the base of the cord and golden brown.Color brown pot dark blue paint and let it dry.Draw a pencil outline of future exotic flower, and then, using superglue to these contours lay decorative golden cord.

# 6

In the middle of this loop glue painted eggshells beforehand.At the bottom of the pot stick painted in bright colors pebbles or sand, creating the effect of a rocky beach.To paint the hearts clay pot, mix white latex paint with gouache blue, then paint over it the whole pot.

# 7

lower part of the color blue paint, it is well shaded with a sponge, to get a shadow of the heavenly colors.Before you go with a sponge, you can dip in her paper.Draw outlines of medium-sized hearts pencil or cut them out of napkins.Heart fill any color lilac or pink shades.Ready flower pots can be decorated with ribbons or a dense braid, which does not absorb the glue.