How to make a basket with flowers ?

How to make a basket with flowers ?
You will need:
  • flowers, foliage, basket
  • Hot gun, glue
  • serrated knife,
  • scissors tape, plastic container
  • floral foam, floral preservatives
# 1

Draw a line on the inside of the basket, and accordingly it pick up a plastic container that will hold water from leaking.Cut the plastic to fit the inside of the basket, and fits snugly against the edges.Secure the container with hot glue to the sides of the basket.This will be the first step in how to make a basket with flowers.

# 2

Cut floral foam (choose the type that can hold water) serrated knife so that it fits snugly against the basket, speaking over the edge of the basket by 1-2 centimeters.Cut a small wedge from the back of the foam to add water.Fill the basket with fresh water and add floral preservative (following the instructions on the package to determine the correct amount to be added to the water).

# 3

Stir the water to make sure that the preservative is dissolved.Place the foam into the water so that it floated.Let t

he foam evenly absorb water (fluid in the basket should be sufficient to keep the scum floating).There are several ways to make a basket of flowers, but this is the easiest, and occupies a minimal amount of time.

# 4

order flowers for a long time were fresh, they need to properly prepare for it in the lower part of the stem should be cut one centimeter stem.To do this, keep the barrel under cold running water and make the cut at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors.Remove any leaves that will be inside the foam in determining the position of the flower.

# 5

Decide what type of floral arrangements you would like to create, for example, horizontal, triangular, oval or round.Consider the example of the how to make a basket of flowers oval type.Put more color in the center of the basket and from the center, place the smaller flowers, moving to the edges.During operation, turn the basket, so you put the flowers evenly and get the best results.

# 6

oval layout looks good from all sides, so the composition can be placed not only near the wall, but also in any part of the room.Fill in the gaps with small flowers to make floral arrangement more fully and more luxuriant.Try to add a ribbon on the handle of the basket or on the edge of the basket for more beauty.Color tape must match one of the flowers in your composition.