How to transform the old kitchen set ?

How to transform the old kitchen set ?
You will need:
  • line
  • measuring tape Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Adhesive tape
# 1

First you need to take measurements of all parts of the kitchen headset.Do everything carefully and closely follow the principle of "Measure seven times, cut once."Otherwise, firstly, the process will be delayed, and secondly, will go too much material.Now you need to remove the headset with all the accessories: Handle with lockers and other details.

# 2

is also important to carefully prepare the surface.To do this, wash it thoroughly and remove her fat.Now everything dry.And remember that before starting work, the surface must be perfectly clean and smooth.How to transform the old kitchen set without any extra costs?Do this by using self-adhesive films.Buy it can be in many hardware stores.

# 3

Now proceed to the cutting of the tape.On the back of her hand applied dimensional mesh, which is designed to facilitate the work.So otcherchivaem line and cut the ribbon to the desired length and width

.It is better to leave the reserves to 1 centimeter.A bend in the ground stock should be at 2 centimeters.Consider matching the pattern (if available).

# 4

better to carry out cutting stationery knife on a ruler, and in difficult places, do it with scissors.Now we proceed directly to the process of sticking tape.This is done not just over the reservoir, and in stages.First, peel off the protective layer from the area of ​​5-7 centimeters.Stick it to the edge portion of the surface of the headset.

# 5

Align the squeegee from the center to the edges.Continue to stick tape gradually, by 5-7 centimeters.If lumps and areas of air left, it is not so scary.To remove small bubbles pierce their thin needle, but more noticeable bumps can be removed with a knife stationery.Smooth surface.

# 6

paste so the whole kitchen set.If you are still thinking over the question: "How to transform a kitchen set," the time to act.If the version of the film you do not like, you can simply replace the hardware: change the pen, stick moldings.Or just buy a new facade, leaving the old building.