How to combine two types of wallpaper ?

How to combine two types of wallpaper ?
You will need:
  • Wallpapers
  • Fantasy
  • Assistant
  • Tools
# 1

can use the easiest way to combine wallpaper - to take two types, which differ in the tone orsemitone apart.This will give an opportunity to highlight the distinctive features of the plan unobtrusively.In order to avoid mistakes in shades that have a common color pigment, it is recommended to use the color chart.

# 2

can choose three or four similar color schemes on that will create an elegant modern style.If the sheets are glued one to one, one can achieve the multilayer effect.It is possible to select one of the colors as a dominant, and take all of the remaining colors as small inclusions.You can get the effect of color gradation when combined dim and bright shades.

# 3

If properly take into account the fact that the color of the room and falls unevenly distributed, it is possible to expand the room to reduce the corners and the like.Drawing attention to the question of how to combine two kinds of wallpaper, mention m

ay be made more bold option - to combine contrasting colors.But we must bear in mind that this design does not fit all, because it will look more aggressive.

# 4

can combine among themselves green and orange or red and green.If such a contrast seems too bold, you can combine black and white, silver and blue, red and black, green and gold colors.Choose the most successful combination helps pie chart shades and colors.

# 5

can visually enlarge the room, if the paste over large side light wallpaper, smaller - dark.It will be a great addition, if you can make the effect gradation.If we talk about how to combine two kinds of wallpaper, it can be said that it all depends on the preferences of the home owner.There are many options.For example, it is possible to make the junction, crossing or wavy.

# 6

can make the lining between the sheets of a different color and a lot of different options.Fans of Oriental style can be advised to combine wallpaper with bamboo pattern and warm yellow.This will not only look beautiful, but also to expand a room in length and in width.And in general, how to combine the wallpaper for yourself to answer each independently.