Among the luminous headphones range is important to know what the headphones really shine stylish!

Among the luminous headphones range is important to know what the headphones really shine stylish!
You will need:
  • most proven online store with good reviews
  • best headphones in terms of price and quality
# 1

In modern times the youth tries to follow the latest news in the worldtechnologies, acquiring the latest gadgets and devices in a particular area, whether "smart" watch or a miniature MP3-player.In the field of wired headphones are the latest trend in LED-luminous headphones, so the question of what headphones are illuminated and are more durable, quite relevant.Under the question "What do you call a glowing headphones" refers to the question "What is the manufacturer of luminous headphones," as glowing headphones termed as something different maybe except headphones, created with the use of LED-technology.These headphones are very useful lovers of night cycling and jogging at night - the constant bright glow headphones give vehicles approaching the possibility of walking or running to observe human meet.

# 2

Glowing Luminous headphones producer (headphone model Luminous HeadP

hones) currently most in demand among the customers due to their reliability and their quick delivery on all territory of the Russian Federation.The recommended price of these headphones - 3980 rubles, but often at the official site, and selling earphones Vkontakte groups can "catch" discounts, and, occasionally reaching up to 35-40%.Headphones are managed from a special application that can be downloaded from Google Play, so there is no problem to adjust the brightness, pulsing, glowing in a predetermined rhythm, and other settings.

# 3

Another glowing headphone model, the name of which ¬ęGlow Laser HeadPhones¬Ľ, gained its popularity in Aliexpress online, which is represented by a rich assortment of products.The average price of headphones Glow is 7990 rubles, which is already much higher than the previous headphone manufacturer.One of the most economical options luminous headphones - Flowing Light Earphone, buy a kit which may, unfortunately, is only in the online store, and, by no means all.Their distinguishing feature is that they first appeared on the Russian market of luminous headphones, a description of their reduced only to the fact that they simply know how to lighten up eating the smartphone energy.Russian audience can purchase these headphones for 1 290 rubles.

# 4

The leader among fuel-efficient luminous headphones is a headphone set with colored EL-wire, that is, the protection of silicone headphone missing, just the wire itself is painted with a special paint.Such coloring as tells the sad experience with headphones coming in around 4 months of active use, but etomtsena these headphones - only 990 rubles to buy them in the same way as the previous model, is only possible in the online store.

# 5

interesting model is also set the Power4, which is compatible not only with the Android-devices, but also to Apple products - with iPad, iPhone and iPod.By default, these headphones shine a pleasant glow, which is not as bright as that of Glow products, but the visibility of the wearer does not suffer from this.Also, using headphones, you can switch between your music and incoming calls (on a small switch has a microphone).The case is made of durable metal alloy that is resistant to scratches and other potential external shocks.The cost of these headphones - 1790 rubles, and this set, most likely, is the best option for the purchase for the average buyer.