How can I withdraw money from " Megaphone " telephone : a simple way to charge your phone

How can I withdraw money from your phone
You will need:
  • phone with Internet access
  • SIM-card of "MegaFon"
# 1

often a situation that urgently needs cash, and bankdebit card is left too little money, or it does not, and to borrow from someone a small amount is not possible.In this case, many are wondering how it is possible to withdraw money from your phone;"Megaphone" offers several ways how to carry out this operation in a few easy steps.

# 2

The official website of "MegaFonĀ» (www. Megafon. Ru) is a short instruction how to withdraw money from "Megaphone" cash in a few simple steps.All these methods are in some way connected with the use of bank transfers (either through used bank or via online banking).Immediately she transfer operation is carried out on a site, where various financial transactions between the company and users.

# 3

Get money from your mobile bill "MegaFon" is possible with the use of Unistream system now withdraw money from the account can be anywhere near the point of issuance.

With this system, you can get cash in two ways, the choice of each of them depends on individual preferences.The first way is to send SMS messages to a short number 3116, which should be issued as follows: UNIM 150 Peter V. Ivanov.In this report, as can be seen, the first word refers to the system used, the second - the amount of money that will be transferred, and the next three - recipient name (not the sender - this is important!).In paragraph issuing company Unistream calculation will be made immediately, the Commission will then be deducted from your mobile account only sending.

# 4

in the same office can remember a special form on the withdrawal of money from the mobile account, to verify that the money issue will be carried out.Of course, it is recommended to use the first method of withdrawal of money in order to reduce paper documents and the formation of queues in paragraphs obsluzhivaniya.Spetsialistami noted that for the implementation of mobile transfer commission at "MegaFon" is the bulk, so before the transfer of money is worth considering whether to use this method.

# 5

The second method is to use Qiwi-purse, which you can "connect" snomerom "Megaphone" subscribers.When you create a personal account on the website as the default number, which will be registered the next bill, you must specify the number of "Megaphone" by filling out the required fields with real data (including the series and passport number, if necessary).

# 6

After creating an online wallet on the control panel, which is located at the top of Qiwi site, you can find the numbers of two accounts: one account Qiwi wallet, and the other - the mobile "Megaphone" .Perevodit money between the two accountsmore recently it became possible to carry out without paying commission.Remove the cash can be in any terminal Qiwi (the very small orange terminals with touch control), while when withdrawing money from a purse with Qiwi Qiwi terminal commission charged will not be.

# 7

When asked how to withdraw money from your phone, "Megaphone" which serves, in any way on the mind can not be possible to get cash votdelah "Mail of Russia".To the surprise of many, the "Mail of Russia" together with "Megafon" kindly offers this feature, and the Commission, however, takes place.In order to get money in the "Mail of Russia" offices, it is necessary, first, to send an SMS-message that resembles the following: Post_meg 450 S. Malakhov Valdis 874125. In this report, the first word - the type of payment (postal order, English Ā«Post."- e-mail), the second - the amount of transfer, three - name of the recipient, and the last set of numbers denotes the index of the recipient at the place of residence or obtain cash.SMS message must be sent to the short number 3116.

# 8

In the department of "Mail of Russia" need to go to the checkout, where necessary to show your identity card (which is a passport, driving license, student ID card will not work), andalso clarified that expect electronic money transfer, which is carried out "on demand".Another way, which after use questions as to withdraw money from your phone "Megaphone", will remain - the transfer of funds from the account of "Megaphone" at the expense of Webmoney - the largest online bank.To carry out the transfer can be in a few easy steps: you must go to the tab "Purses", which select the method of funding the online wallet "With the mobile phone."In the form you must fill in all mandatory fields by entering the real data of the recipient and sender.Transfer fee of 7%, which makes this method compared to other expensive (even more advantageous to transfer money to the account Qiwi, and from it - to Webmoney).

# 9

And the last way - to use the service Blizko, points of issue that the Russian Federation still increasing in their numbers.To make a transfer you should send SMS-message to the short number 3116, which has the form: Blizko 750 George Ivanovich Vasiliev.The first word in the message indicates the service used, and the second - the amount of the transfer, the next three - the sender's name.Admission is carried out in a few seconds, max - min, issue - the nearest service point of the network.The majority of Internet users as the main method of cash withdrawal with "Megafon" mobile account used method Qiwi-purse because of the absence of the commission and the availability of service terminals.