For those who want to " MTS " independently connect unlimited Internet : Internet views on " " MTS " "

For those who want to
You will need:
  • Internet connection on any device
  • consultation with the operator of cellular communication
# 1

actually connect your phone to unlimited internet MTS network is so easy,that the below guide will surprise any user.Ways of how to MTS connect unlimited Internet, there are some - by hand, using special push-messages via the Internet, using the official website of the network and by connecting with the operator, contact them by phone.The most rapid and reliable method for how to connect unlimited internet MTS, is a manual method, and for this you just need to know three basic numbers push messages.Today, the mobile operator offers a choice of three basic package of unlimited internet: mini program, maxi and, accordingly, the VIP-program for those who need high-quality unlimited traffic with no disruption to the network.

# 2

In order to understand how to connect unlimited internet MTS under the program "Internet-mini" manual, which offers a total rate of 5 GB for 350 Russian

rubles only need to dial the following sequence of numbers on your phone: * 111 * 160 # and press the call button.After a minimum period of time on the device should appear notice of confirmation of service connection (fee charged for it immediately and with insufficient funds in the account, activate this option does not work, what will necessarily be stated in the notice).If the connection is successful, it is advisable to check the status of your current account to make sure that the money for the service have been taken in the quantities, which stated performer (in this case the mobile operator MTS).Check your balance is as easy as connecting to the network - is enough to dial * 100 # and press call.

# 3

method of how to connect unlimited internet MTS (tariff Maxi, which offers a total rate of 15 GB for 700 Russian rubles per month), the same as in the first case and the only difference lies in the speciala combination of numbers and characters that you need to dial at this time.To do this, you should dial * 111 * 161 # and press the call button and wait for the appropriate notification, which must appear on the screen in a few seconds.Check your balance in this and in all other cases, you can use the same combination that was specified above.Finally the time has come to deal with how to connect the VIP-traffic or unlimited internet, which offers 30 GB of total speed of 1,200 Russian rubles per month.To do this on a mobile device should dial * 111 * 166 # and the call button.

# 4

Alternatively, you can connect and to lower traffic, which, although it has a lower speed, thus perfectly supported in the format 2G, 3G and even innovative 4G.This program offers a choice of two main packages - mobile Internet, restrictions apply within the home area, the cost of 180 Russian rubles per month for a speed of 75 megabytes per day, and the program "Superba" for 300 rubles, which provides a speed of 3 GB.In order to connect to the package "Bit" should dial * 252 # and the call button and the package "Superboy" - * 628 # and "call."In order to keep under control the rest of the traffic and do not inadvertently leave "minus" can regularly use a toll free number * 217 #.For the three packets mentioned above (mini, maxi and the VIP), you should dial the full combination of digits and symbols (* 111 * 217 # and the "call" button).

# 5

Authorize Internet connection services available on the website of the official representative of MTS cellular communications in the Russian Federation (registration not required).It's enough to step through the menu on the following items "Private Customers / Mobile Internet and TV / internet access for a single device", then the on-screen display special auxiliary tables, which will be given all the packages with their terms and billing services.By selecting the optimum package of traffic speed Internet connection for yourself, you must press the "connect" button in the appropriate column, and then on the device screen should appear with the corresponding display field for the phone number (7 ...).After its introduction, the specified number within a few minutes to come confirming your password (this is necessary for the passage of identification) that must be entered in a separate field and press "Enter."

# 6

Thus a person automatically goes to your "My Account", which clearly shows all the data on his account, and once again to confirm its application for connection.Within a few minutes after that, his number should come notification with information about successful activation of the service.Disable the use of the mobile Internet can be in the same place (in the "Dashboard", again after passing a simple authorization procedure), as well as by dialing * 252 * 0 # or * 111 * 252 * 2 # (for "Bit" package) and, accordingly, *111 * 628 * 2 # (the "Superba" package).Sometimes, activation of services on the mobile Internet is happening at once, along with the activation of the new number, and the person starts to notice that his means of fixed costs, and balance out "in the negative".This occurs because, if the device is enabled "Wi-Fi", which does not cease to function even after turning off the router.

# 7

Then be sure to go through the mobile Internet shutdown procedure when using the traffic on the local network.There is also one the only way how to connect a free internet to MTS, and it is in the activation of the optional package "BIT the Smart" or "the Smart Superba", but in this case provides a completely different billing for services, which is often not justified.