Get Free SMS to " Tele2 " !How to " Tele2 " , you can connect free SMS ?

Get Free SMS
You will need:
  • phone
  • Internet access
# 1

SMS messages are very popular with some people, because this method of conveying information is quite convenient.As to the "Tele 2" to connect the free SMS as soon as possible?Before you connect a free SMS to "Tele 2", you need to think how to do it without making any extra effort.Short messages is very convenient to share, while roaming.Some people prefer to use this service to send newsletters.Sometimes customers need to tell their friends or colleagues something important, but not later than the time allows you to make a call.In this situation, the aid of all the same SMS."Tele-2" offers its customers to take advantage of the possibility of sending free SMS.The subscriber can send up to 200 daily messages for free, but from his account at the same time will be shot for 6 rubles.

# 2

In some cases, this service is very reasonable.If a person likes to do a mailing, it is much more convenient to pay 6 rubles every day, but do not worry about

paying posts.This can significantly save.How to connect this service?In this case, the subscriber can do this via the telephone or Internet.The most convenient and fastest way - send a request to the operator.To do this, press the following sequence of numbers and characters: * 155 * 21 #.Next, press the call button.If done correctly, the service will be connected instantly.In this case the account will be immediately removed 20 rubles per connection free sms and 6 rubles for the first day of use of this opportunity.Since the connection can start sending messages to your friends and acquaintances free.They must not exceed the limit of 200 pieces per day.

# 3

To check if the service is connected, you can dial * 155 * 2 #.If the subscriber is some reason changes his mind to take the opportunity to send messages through a small monthly fee, they can always turn it off automatically.To activate the service free calls online "Tele 2", just enough to create an account and go to My Account, and then find the "My Services" and click "Configure services" button.Opposite the field "SMS-freedom" should tick and click the "Connect" button.You can also tick the field "Unlimited Messages".In this case, the service will also be connected.The ability to use it is, residents of all regions of Russia.In roaming you can send messages, too, which is very convenient.Some subscribers traveling abroad, to communicate with their relatives only in this way.

# 4

If a person is difficult to activate the service on their own, or he does not have access to the Internet, he can simply call the operator to the short number 611. To phone it is easy enough, and then you just need to wait for the response of the operator and talk with himto express their desire to send short messages through a small monthly fee.It is very convenient, since the need for self-understanding of the features of the service connection is lost.The operator will tell you what you need to press the key combination, or make the connections yourself.The subscriber will only be happy to use the service.You can also refer to the "Tele 2" office.Each branch consists of experienced professionals who can tell you about the features of different tariffs for the best deals.If the subscriber is connected to the "Tele 2" for a long time, it makes sense to drive to the office, and perhaps change the plan.

# 5

Your mobile operator regularly offers its subscribers new plans, packages.Each has advantages of weight and can be much more profitable legacy tariffs.In order not to overpay, it is necessary from time to time interested in the news of the company.In "Tele 2" a lot of tariffs, which is beneficial to send SMS.Before connecting an additional service, you need to calculate everything.If a person sends only 10-20 per day, maybe you just need to choose the best tariff plan, which includes a small amount of free SMS.In this case, the need to use additional capabilities disappears.If the subscriber that is not clear, it can always consult with employees "Tele 2".Competent consultants are very attentive to every customer.Such is the policy of the company and the leadership of "Tele-2" is not going to change it.

# 6

Some operators decided to do promotional mailings, which contain information about these or other services.The "Tele 2" is also there, but not the operator does not impose anything, and does not connect additional packages automatically.In any case, experts advise to always read the automatic messages before you press the "Connect" button.This will save the user from unnecessary spending.From time to time need to dial a certain combination of numbers and check which services are connected, for that money shot.You can simply call the operator to obtain such information.Sometimes a person ceases to use certain packages, because they are not necessary to it, but they forget to turn them off.The money for the service will still be removed and the user suffers some losses.To eliminate unnecessary financial expenditure, should keep the situation under control.