As to the " Beeline " disable unnecessary subscriptions?We will explain how to delete a subscription to the service " Beeline " !

How on
You will need:
  • SIM-card "Beeline"
  • identity of the owner of the SIM-card "Beeline"
# 1

Advertising in the modern world plays a major role in obtainingthe company's profits, which are the connection providers, the largest of which - is, "MTS" Beeline "," Megaphone "," Tele2 "and others.And so the question of how to "Beeline" disable subscriptions that provide regularly coming to mobile phone SMS messages, is quite important.

# 2

To the question of how to turn off all subscriptions to the "Beeline", did not arise, should follow a few simple rules in order to accept said subscriptions are not inadvertently.First, enter the mobile phone number during the registration is possible only on trusted sites, the rating is positive (similar to check the rating, you can use different extensions, for example, of Avast, or else on a third-party resources).The fact that the mobile phone registration (usually required in order to it could send the registration code), its number is entered into a spec

ific database, access to which is, of course, have all the communication providers.Obviously, the way to be neglected more than the earnings they become, the more that the user has, and he agreed with the adoption of the conditions of use of the site to use the mobile phone number.

# 3

Secondly, when buying a SIM-card, read the contract carefully, which can include an item on the sending of SMS messages to short numbers, leading to various entertainment portals.In addition, for the fact that these SMS messages were delivered to the room, the owner of it may for that more and pay, which already affects very unfavorably on mobile account budget.

# 4

Third, we must distinguish between subscription directly from the company "Beeline" from subscriptions outside resources (for example subscription of such analyzed above).Subscriptions of the first type are called service, they usually serve as a notification (for example, the approach of the account balance to zero), or chewing as warnings (for example, from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, such mailings are at each service provider).Subscriptions also from third-party resources usually advertise everything, but it looks like the malicious hype on some sites.When downloading various files in archives, to unpack that you must enter the mobile phone number, it is better to think twice, searching an alternative source file download.

# 5

To know how to turn off all subscriptions to the "Beeline", you can visit the official website of the company, which is a short instruction on how to delete all subscriptions on the website and via mobile phone.If this is not possible, then this can be done by yourself in a few simple steps, which is able to master even the novice user.

# 6

to start from any use you need to know how to check a subscription to the "Beeline";this can be done either through a personal account (you can go to the official site, or download it from Google Play iiStore) or by calling the company's short number 0611. The call is free, need identity numbers of the owner in consultation with a specialist service center, with thewhich you want to disable all subscriptions (typically the owner's name, in rare cases, consultants are asked a series and passport number).

# 7

Disable all subscriptions can be in any office sales of "Beeline", which in modern times is in any major city.Managers of the company is usually in good faith approach to the issue and explain in detail how much money was withdrawn from the personal account of a particular subscription.Find out which are active on the subscription numbers of "Beeline" can be set via a digital combination * 110 * 09 #, dial the mobile phone on which you want to disconnect paid services;free request.In reply SMS-notification will be given detailed information on all the services connected, any options, promotions and active subscriptions.There will also be available and the value of a connection option.Dialing a short number 0622, you can disable unnecessary services using automated audio service.

# 8

final way off is the ability to create the appropriate settings in the Dashboard "Beeline".As mentioned above, you can download the app from the Google Play store and the iStore, but it is possible to get to and use the dialing * 110 * 9 #.With this combination made the entrance to the office, where login - number mobilnogotelefona without eights.From the dashboard, any user can easily determine the short numbers for the newsletter to which you have subscribed, and order more detail, which will come via e-mail.

# 9

extra protection from accidental signing narazlichnogo kind of distribution can serve as a service, which prohibits sending this kind of SMS notifications, is a kind of a message filter.Dialing a short number 0858 may disable the reception of messages with short numbers entertainment portals, which are available in the database of the company, thus fend for themselves from unwanted spam.The service is free, the main demand is for the older generation, but lately seen upward trend among young people.Moreover, different SMS notifications from banks, Google Sites, etc. made of "Beeline" in the white list of short numbers, so for it do not worry.