I want glowing headphones ?Learn how to make the most glowing headphones !

I want glowing headphones ?Learn how to make the most glowing headphones !
You will need:
  • Several LED-LED, silicone tube
  • Initial headphones, soldering machine
# 1

It's no secret that every manufacturer who has attained some successon any market, and seeks to develop his interest in the production of potential buyers, such as an exclusive design.It is for this reason that in the market there were special LED-headphones, and the question of how to make your own glowing headphones quickly became urgent.Make homemade glowing headphones with your hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, in the home, and the total cost of the required materials are not comparable with the price of brand luminous headphones.Firstly, the most famous manufacturers of headphones such a plan very much wind the price of the product because of its popularity and, in effect, the absence of competition, and secondly, the technology itself is not as complicated as it teaches.

# 2

When asked how to make glowing headphones at home, many have no idea what is actually the a

mount of potential work on their creation does not take much time, just need a little perseverance.Before to make luminous headphones, you need to purchase certain components of this process: in fact, the earphones of any firm, silicone tube the minimum diameter of the soldering iron, liquid silicone, LEDs of different colors (not one the same color to go), and fourflat batteries.The first step is to create a self-made luminous headphones - section of silicone tubing under the headphones, which needs to be done so that the headphones were acquired within the tube in practically pressed to the walls of the state of the tube.

# 3

Having passed through headphones cut to the size of the holes, the space inside the tube to be filled with liquid silicone for shaping.Too much is not necessary to pour silicone because it is fraught with corruption headphones themselves, as well as the fact that the tube may simply not survive, calculate the potential burden on the receiver must be in advance (the weight of the LED, liquid silicone).

# 4

next step - mount LEDs inside the silicone tube to be performed so that the LED located inside the tube and wire - outside, they will be required to ensure that light bulbs with energy from the batteries.Batteries are usually soldered to the body, and after ihzaryada is replaced (batteries must be disposed of in designated areas).It is necessary to make a small switch, because the simple connection of wires and light bulbs are the headphones in their charge will be one of the worst.We solve the problem of the selection of the LEDs, which consume little electricity.selling headphone headphone technology is based on power from the source (smart phone, MP3-player), but to make a glowing headphones improvised such a plan at home is unlikely to succeed.

# 5

An interesting option would be to wire the LEDs inside, which makes it possible to come up with your own combination of colors, highlighting the owner from the crowd.The main thing - do not mix up the wires from the headphones themselves and wires connecting the LEDs.Other inventors with the issue of how to make a glowing headphones are advised not to engage in hard soldering job, but a way to create a similar LED-headphones offered very original.It consists in applying to the headphones photoluminescent or fluorescent paint on the earphones;erased it for about two or three months of active use headphones.

# 6

The advantages of these headphones, of course, is the fact that they are completely waterproof, dust free, they can be safely to take water treatments, without fear for their safety.Also undoubted advantage is that the headphones themselves are selected individually, that is, the sound quality is determined solely by the choice of a personal habits.This is especially important for those who appreciate pure sound in headphones, as modern glowing headphones, produced in various companies, focus on the life expectancy of these headphones glow, rather than on the quality of the sound.

# 7

can in a similar way to turn ordinary lackluster headphones into a fashion accessory, not applying to this effort unbearable.The advantage may be called, and the fact that the color chosen option, you can at least all of the silicone tube to lay out the different color LEDs.By cons include the fragility of a single charge of luminous headphones, still a small flat battery does not provide an opportunity to shine at least two weeks.Also, the skill with soldering apparatus has no means everyone, so for beginners work will take a decent amount of time, but the result is worth it.