Choosing luminous headphones : why should choose smart headphones of all that glow ?

Choosing luminous headphones : why should choose smart headphones of all that glow ?
You will need:
  • Smart headphones
  • USB-charging cable
  • Money
  • Reviews
# 1

Glowing headphones - not such a rarity, andYou can meet them in a fairly large number of online as well as in specialty stores.However, a smart headset that glow in the dark with the music or the human heartbeat - a completely new word.Smart headphones that glow in the heartbeat cycle are performed based on modern technologies.With the help of optical fiber technology there is the same glow and a special sensor (pulse oximeter) helps monitor the purity of heart.As a result, the headphones work just fine, efficiently transmitting sound, with original and look very stylish.I own headphone has a special clamp controller, with which you can change the music or take a photo.By pressing a specific button, people can make music louder or softer, and increasing the quality of the reproduced sound.

# 2

Glowing headphones, the original of which can be purchased on the Internet and in specialized shops, are available in t

hree colors.A person can choose the headset that will glow red, green or blue.Also, the manufacturer took care of several modes of technology.For example, this product can light up in time with the heartbeat, and can run to the beat of music listening.If a person does not want his headphones shone, this feature can be easily disabled.By the way, if you disable the backlight, the technique continues to work all qualitatively, great passing all the depth of sound.Charge the data headphones via a simple USB cable.If a person does not want his headphones light, it can not charge them, and they will continue all is also great to work with.

# 3

As new glowing headphones are incredibly popular right now, the cost is quite high.Approximate price of similar products - 100-130 dollars.Customers will appreciate the fact that this product has high qualitative and operating duration.The average term of the headphones - 5 years.They are convenient for everyday use, do not take up much space in your bag, do not go awry.Another advantage of the product - ease of use.Man can choose the backlight mode or turn it off.Also quite headphones around the ears, they will successfully transmit sound even in motion, and that is why many people choose this technique for a visit to the fitness room.Smart headphones are especially in demand in Europe and the US, but gradually this fashion comes and to Russia.So far, glowing headphones are not too common, and everyone can become a founder of a new trend.

# 4

Reviews smart headphones mostly positive.So buyers note that the technique works for a long time, charge for 30 minutes, and then operate up to eight hours.Sami headphones are compact and easy to use.The only drawback of the art referred to in the recall - is the cost of smart headphones.Despite the fact that they cost about $ 120, this product continues to gain popularity, and all because of its originality.These headphones are suitable for true connoisseurs of good music.Their use does not hurt the ears or head, ear itself does not fly, so they can be used all day.Overpriced - is only a reflection of a flawless performance in combination with the latest technology.For the production of these headphones have been spent a lot of effort, and now this product is called a new word in the art!