How to communicate on the radio : the secrets of radio

How to communicate on the radio : the secrets of radio
You will need:
  • Community
  • The radio on your mobile phone
  • The radio in car
  • Increase radio power
  • Firmware
# 1

The radio serves the people,located in two or more groups were able to maintain contact with each other, exchanging voice messages.The phrase "Third Dragon" means that a person by the name "Dragon" sends a message to man by the name of "Third".Handling "Dragon generic" means the "Dragon" is waiting for a response from any of the group members.It should be brief, because the transmission channel and other general users do not have to wait long to get in touch with each other.The phrase "Acceptance" means that the sender is finished sending and freed channel.

# 2

You can learn how to make a radio from your phone.In order to have the radio on your mobile phone, you should use the function Push-To-Talk based on the basis of GPRS.This feature allows you to instantly connect with a user or with a group of users.It is interesting that such a connection is available even in roami

ng, if your mobile operator supports this feature.

# 3

drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel it is important to know how to adjust the car radio.Radio 27 MHz range can be portable and automotive.Car radio more powerful, they implemented a complete receiver chain, so to get a strong link in the far distance, use the car radio.Car radio is very popular among truckers.Portable radio range have minor 27MHz parameters for radio range, but the advantage is that they can be used outside the vehicle.

# 4

If the signal is weak, it is necessary to know how to increase the power of radio.To increase the radio power amplifier using a radio signal.To connect to an amplifier, it is necessary to insert it into the gap of the antenna cable between the radio and external antenna.Power must be connected by thick wires to a power source.If the amplifier is put on the car radio, the wire connected to the positive terminal of the battery.Negative wire must be a minimum length.This wire must be firmly secured.It is good to tune the antenna, which is connected to an amplifier.

# 5

If necessary, you need to figure out how to flash the radio.Firmware technical product is thin and delicate process, which is used for a plane in the product, or to obtain a hole.The firmware for the radio device in the home is almost impossible for such an operation should be paid to the master, which can be easily found on specialized sites.