How to remove the program from your computer if it is not removed ?

How to remove the program from your computer if it is not removed ?
You will need:
  • right to make changes on the computer
  • installation file to delete the program
  • party software
# 1

How to remove opera from the computer if it is not removed?If the application is active, it should be closed, since it is important for proper disposal.Then run the Task Manager the combination of keys CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE to see if the application is not in the process.If there is - to shut down the application.Press the "Start" button, you need to go into the control panel."Add or Remove Programs" It is necessary to choose.Then select the name of the program, select "Delete."After clicking the "Remove" button to begin the removal of the program.

# 2

during installation can cause errors that prevent you from uninstalling the program, in this case, you need to find a distribution program and run it.During installation, the application determines that it is already installed and will offer several options to choose from: the "Restore" "Update" or "Delete".If you select "

Delete" does not help, you can try to update or restore, and after this remove.

# 3

If the program is not removed it can be removed manually from the «C: \ Program Files \ Papka_Programmy", run the registry and go to the section «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall».Each section in the Uninstall represents a program, in the "Add or Remove Programs."Find your program and remove.

# 4

Delete if not removed, the above methods will help especially designed for this purpose tools such as «Revo Uninstaller Pro» or «Uninstall tool» After installing and running the utility scans your system and displays a list of installed programs.Choose from the list of program you want to remove, and the program will be completely removed from the computer, do not turn the desired folders and registry keys.

# 5

Everyone has a friend to whom periodically treat problems associated with the computer.For someone it is the user who made all by yourself according to the above methods may be such a person, if you will help him with the question: "How to remove a program, if it is not removed?".