How to set up a universal remote ;Setup universal remote to the TV?

How to set up a universal remote ;Setup universal remote to the TV?
You will need:
  • TV
  • Universal remote control
# 1

How to set up a universal remote to the TV?Before you buy a universal remote, the seller is obliged to explain to you how to set up the remote for your TV model.If this is not done, or you have purchased a remote control in the online store, or have simply forgotten how to configure, this article - what you need.I declare without delay: remote controls are not considered, differing in different modifications, configurations.At the moment, there are many different ways to configure the remote control.

# 2

method first: If the buttons panel have labels: Sony, LG, Daewoo, Samsung and the like, and if the name of your TV written on the buttons un iversalnogo console, youYou can try to adjust the TV set "in a hurry".To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to turn on the TV for which you will configure the remote.The next step, you point the remote at the TV and press on the remote key proper to your TV and keep the button pressed a co

uple of minutes, as long as something does not happen.For example: the TV off.Once this happens, you immediately let go.If the screen is seen by changes in volume and release the button - automatically tunes the TV set.

# 3

method 2nd: When you purchase a remote control in the box must exist a small book or leaflet with explanations.This book describes how to configure the remote.Here's how: values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are prescribed in the book - it codes for the remote control setting.Usually Vseprigodny remote has a small light-pointer, which informs about the state of the console.If you are ready to begin setting up the remote, then open the book with the codes and codes podyschu what you need, for example: the list of all the TV, get your own.Then, as soon found the code for your TV set include TV, direct the universal remote and push at the same time, "SET" key and the key (on-off) tele must be lighted lamp, then typed on the console code for your TV set lamp is required to be extinguished.All control is configured.

# 4

Manual identification method: Universal Remote Control 10 in 1 is initially set to the code "000".If this fits your code, such as a TV, the setting is not required.Press the button corresponding to the device.Keep in mind that if you want to use the remote universal 10 in 1 control 2 different TVs, you can set up a TV channel on the TV, and the other - on TV2.Try turning off the TV.

# 5

NOTE: If your console Vseprigodny no button with the title of "SET" then perhaps you control a functional and customizable TV, dvd player, satellite dish and the like.In this situation, you must immediately press the key instead of "SET" key another.For example, as soon as you set up the remote for the TV set, then at the same time, press on the "TV" key and the (on-off) TV, then required to illuminate a light pointer and you enter the code as described in the 2nd method for setting up a multi-purposeremote.