How to enter your email and check your emails ?

How to enter your email and check your emails ?
You will need:
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Leisure
  • This manual
# 1

Today, every modern man tries to be "on you" with a computerbecause the PC has become an integral part of contemporary life.Of course, not everyone can be able to skilled hackers and hacking various top-secret sites, but check your e-mail must be able to every user, even school age.Such basic skills can not only be aware of their own correspondence, but also regularly receive very useful newsletters and invitations.Even friends often write letters is to "soap", so that the address of the email account you should always keep in mind, or burn well written personal bookmarks, for example.But, nevertheless, many far from the art "dummies" and now worried about "global" in their opinion the question of how to access your email from your computer.

# 2

So, there are several effective ways to enter the e-mail, but definitely need to start with the most basic.To get started, simply turn on the computer and access the Intern

et, then open the search engine, which once and the desired e-mail account has been registered.When the required page is found on the web, then in the "Mail" to specify the requested data, such as email address or username, password necessarily.Once the information will be provided to right, press the button "Login" and wait a few seconds (depending on the speed of the internet).Then, open a mailbox, where you can view all the letters that were sent to it.In this case, it is important not to forget to go to the tab "Inbox" and a new "Mail" will be marked in bold.

# 3

Most users choose this method to view mail in your mailbox, but that each time not to enter the same data, just put a tick in the box "Remember Me".Then when you open the desired mail searcher becomes immediately available for viewing.However, it is important to understand that such manipulation is only relevant if the computer does not sit outside people who may look into the personal correspondence, for example.If the secrets from family members or other users of this computer is not available, then you can safely use the "Remember Me" and is no longer fooling with the entrance to your email box.It will be available each time you log on to the site, where it was previously registered.But there are other simple ways to go to your e-mails quickly.

# 4

If people know something about computers and direct them to your device, you can always use the practice program called "Microsoft Outlook" or another e-mail client for collecting, receiving, storing and sending private correspondence.But what is needed and how convenient this setting?It is important to note that the program is self-updating folder all incoming and outgoing messages via a predetermined interval of time proposed above.By the way, that this time period can be set manually and, if necessary, which is very convenient for people who work on a regular basis using your mailbox.For special settings allow you to collect mail, and about new information will be displayed in a pop-up window on the screen.

# 5

If for some reason does not provide the ability to enter the desired site and view your mail, you can always take advantage of special programs-animayzerami that elementary download on the network.What are these difficulties?As a rule, after the jump characteristic of the installation is required to enter the main page of the selected animayzera in the window that appears, enter the address of the site, where access was restricted for certain reasons.After the correct introduction of all the characters press the "Go" and again wait a few seconds (depending on what speed of the Internet is present).And only then, once on the desired site, the usual way to get into your e-mail and personally examine all correspondence.Such difficulties arise if the employer during working hours restricted access to certain sites on the Internet.

# 6

It happens so that the user at the right entering all the required data can not get into your mail and check e-mails that arrived recently.It is possible that someone just cracked the box and changed the password.Do not be upset, because it can always be restored.How to do it?Each search engine has its own way of, for example, password recovery Rambler required to correctly answer the security question.Here the main thing - do not forget the answer that was indicated during registration.Today, however, the Internet and mobile phones are closely linked, so to restore access to your email box, you can with the help of a request for the mobile.Resulting in SMS code will need to enter the desired box, and then complicate your new password (then it is important you do not accidentally forget).

# 7

So log into your e-mail account is a snap, but it is important to remember a few simple rules.Firstly, do not forget the invented name and password.Secondly, complicate this information so that in future no hacker could crack the mailbox and cause considerable damage to its owner.Third, when you try to hack better get a warning message on your phone, to avoid such a treacherous attack.Finally, it is always easier to use additional programs that pop-up window will inform about the arrival of new mail, even in the absence of the site your email.