How to insert the words in the picture without photoshop ?

How to insert the words in the picture without photoshop ?
You will need:
  • PC
  • Out Internet
# 1

One of the most common problems when using the Internet, is a problem that is associated with image editing.The global network has a lot of different editors to help solve this problem.However, the most popular program is recognized as «Adobe Photoshop».This unique editor allows you to create real masterpieces of the most important for professional photographers than for ordinary Internet users.Often editor just needs to edit photos, retouch or to change the colors.Sometimes there is a desire to make a gorgeous collage or apply a special layer image.And here there is already a fairly common question: how to insert the wor

ds in the picture?

# 2

In fact, all the actions of this nature is quite simply produced.To start your computer, you must install the program.And it does not need to have any special knowledge and skills, as well as when working with the program.With work can handle even the novice, which raises the question of how to insert the words in the picture.On the toolbar, you can find all the tools you need to create horizontal or vertical recording.Deal with such tools as: "Vertical Text" and "Horizontal Type" is not difficult.Contained therein and tools such as: "Vertical Type Mask" and "Horizontal Type Mask".What are they like?

# 3

phrase "text mask" means that if you use such a text image is painted a special mask layer.Printing is carried out over a reddish mask layer, then the text is allocated to the image.To implement such a writing is required just click the mouse on the writing of the text.From this location and begin writing the proposal.Of course the writing is carried out using the keyboard.Write a sentence, you must click on the tick or a cross, located in the upper part of the instrument.When you click the cross all the action will be canceled, and when you click the checkboxes are all committed changes made to the text.Those who question arises, how to insert text in the image is necessary to carefully examine and top panel of the instrument.

# 4

The left side panel is an icon, with which you can always change the orientation of the text.To the right of the tool is the menu, which is always possible to set the desired typeface for writing.At the request of the following types of font can be selected: the classic, thin, upper case, or on the small triangle is required to select the font.Moving slightly to the right, you can set the font size.What is it?Size - is the size of the required writing font.Further to the right is a menu that is responsible for smoothing method.There are only five anti-aliasing techniques.Then there is already familiar to many from the panel «Word», which is intended to align the text.After it is placed square to bring up the palette for selecting the text color.

# 5

After this panel is the menu needed to deform the text.After clicking on it opens a special window.In it you can specify or select the desired option distortion.Next is the "paragraph and character palette".It appears after clicking on the icon.Versatile, this palette that has collected in itself all of the above tools.In addition, it has, and other settings, such as small caps, kerning, different margins, line spacing, and alignment.Deal with them is a snap.There are tools in the program that are used to perform more complex operations.They are necessary when you need to write a text about a specific subject, or over it.

# 6

One such tool is the "Rectangular Marquee".Before using it stands out the image.Then click the tool produced on a dedicated right-located on the mouse, and then select an item called "educated work path."window "Tolerance" appears after this operation.And what it is, the angularity of all the contour lines.After the "OK" button is pressed in the "Tolerance" stop flashing selection.It will become a solid line.Once the circuit is ready, the tool selects "Text", induced on the work path and as a result there is a change circuit.This means that the circuit is ready for printing."Layers" To write text on the image is clicked the right mouse button menu.

# 7

then select the item entitled "To restore the text."Restoration of the text - it is the transformation of a vector image into a bitmap.In other words, the text becomes an image.The result is a very beautiful picture with the inscription.These functions are the most basic in the «Adobe Photoshop» program.They help to make a beautiful image that can fully convey all the emotions and feelings.And with the help of these functions can be any image of the unconscious to make bright, rich, and full of feelings aloud that, often, it is simply impossible to convey!