How to update the navigator Navitel explay: new version

How to update the navigator Navitel explay: new version
You will need:
  • PC
  • browser interface with the PC wire
  • Navigator
# 1

Navigator translated into the work memory stick.Copy on a PC with a file folder NaviOne NavitelAuto Activation Key.txt.All from the navigator is removed, except for uploaded media files.Downloading from the site of the latest version of the program for Explay Navigator, you want to unpack the computer.In the resulting folder to put NaviOne NavitelAuto Activation Key file.txt and copy the folder to the root.Navigator is disconnected from the PC, after switching it into safe mode and you can start the program.Maps should be in the following path NavitelContent \ Maps on the memory card.Here's how to update your navigator Navitel explay.

# 2

Format the memory card in the FAT system.Save data.Switch off your unit and plug in the USB cable.Insert the MicroSD card.Turn on the machine must run the update, wait for the completion of the renovation of the inscription will appear.Take the map.Turn off the machine.Turn on the

machine and set the card back to the navigator.This starts the download files.Write back data into memory navigator.Remove all data from the memory card after the successful completion of the firmware and software installation in order to avoid flashing during subsequent loading navigator.It's about how to update prology navigator.

# 3

today are 4 Flagship Navigation Software: Navitel, Garmin, Autosputnik and iGo.Choosing card base determines the browser choice.The next step - you need to choose a browser manufacturer.Navigators can be divided into several groups: Budget Group (with the possibility of navigation and a pair of functions), the average group (navigation, wireless communications, multimedia), top (a whole set of advanced features) and transient (wide screen, navigation, wireless communication and multimedia).What how to choose Navigators road a lot of information.

# 4

company Garmin.The operating system is built - a Linux-om.To update the firmware of Garmin navigator, you need to download and put the program WebUpdater.Previously, the battery must be fully charged.Runs the program and it will try to connect and identify equipment.You must click Knop (Next) for pumping and placing it in the appliance.After the program, and other software downloads to the device is complete, open the information page of the report, where you have to press (Done).Disconnect your device from the computer, and turn on.How to update garmin navigator, if the device is not joined to a computer, you can inform yourself on the manufacturer's website.

# 5

In no event should not be used for firmware makeshift navigator, and for any other technically complex devices.This may cause the output of the operational status of the unit and extra problems.There, on the manufacturer's website you can download and different voice announcements, and more for the navigator.