How to connect your device to the PC in a removable disk mode?

How to connect your device to the PC in a removable disk mode?
You will need:
  • Navigator
  • Computer
  • USB-cord
  • little patience
# 1

To connect your device to a PC or laptop must perform consistently certain actions.To get started, connect your device to your computer through the USB-cable.After that, you need to install the software from the Microsoft ActiveSync company.This is especially important if you are running WindowsXP and you do not know how to connect your device to a PC.Sometimes, the computer determines the new device.

# 2

Always make sure that the browser has been installed in the removable disk mode, if this did not happen - the computer and reboot the device.After the Navigator "zakonnektilsya", you can start copying the necessary files.After copying is complete, we can safely say that you already know how to use the navigation on Android.Now you can finish the job navigator and disconnect the power cord from the computer.Doing it better after you complete the operation of the device in Windows.

# 3

Next, click on the "Start"

button to turn off the browser or restart it already with the necessary updates.These actions relate to a series of navigators Treelogic, if you have a device GARMIN brand, there will need to work a soldering iron in order to establish communication between devices.It is also important to know how to activate the card in the navigator.To do this you need to run after the device to enter a special code and complete the registration process.

# 4

Very often, users do not like the voice, the voice that direction.In modern browsers have the ability to change it.To do this, go to the device (or "Tools" menu) settings, select the "Language" menu and select the item.But how to change the voice browser on any original?To do this, you need to download special files on the network and place them in the root folder of the device, then it is already possible to select any of the options.

# 5

In operation, the navigator may need to be updated.When it comes to firmware, the new version of the software for the navigation can be found on its official website and fill them yourself.If we talk about how to properly upgrade the navigator with maps, then you just need to write down a new road map memory card device and activate it with a special program.