How to put on a bicycle disc brakes ?

How to put on a bicycle disc brakes ?
You will need:
  • Bike
  • Disc brakes
  • extreme conditions to check
# 1

Disc tormozabolshe suited to those who conquer the mountain slopes, and who need extreme braking.Also worth knowing that disc brakes are of three types: mechanical, hydraulic, and hybrid.No weather conditions did not stop the work of the brake.They do not become clogged with dust, are not affected by moisture.Pads wear resistance, damaged rim - no problem.It will also work well.Under these brakes lasts longer work abrasive discs and pads.Regulated they seldom easily withstand strong heating, and most importantly - have a high braking power.They stand, of course, expensive and sometimes too heavy to weigh, there are difficulties with the installation and accessories (need some bushes, fastening components, suspension fork).

# 2

Before we understand how to put the disc brakes on the bike, first is to remove the old brake - in an emergency will be useful.Brake levers must be locked in the correct position, not to confuse

the right and left.Before installing the caliper, you need to see if a special adapter is needed.If so, check the screws that secures the unit.If the bolt thread has a lock - good.If not - it must be applied.Next on the sleeve put brake discs and fixed bolts from the kit or ordinary hexagon.In the next stage, fix the hose to the desired recesses and fixed or screwed.The main thing is not to overdo it.

# 3

Brakes on velosipederabotaet quite a simple scheme.It consists of a brake mechanism, which is governed by the brake lever.Depending on the design and type of brakes, each species has its own peculiarities.Disc brakes with hydraulic system work like a hydraulic press - ram actuates the brake pads.They are used ekstremaly, flying at a furious pace.Mechanical disc brakes are working on a lever that pulls the cable.As a result, the disc brake pads are pressed down and the bike stopped.The next type of disc brakes - a hybrid.It works in tandem mechanical and hydraulic systems.Mechanical and hybrid brakes are more affordable, and are as effective as hydraulic.They use active tourists or cyclists that a day can not live peacefully, not having driven a few kilometers.

# 4

Design brake disks are infinitely diverse.From youth to cherepushek carved ornate patterns.Initially, disc brakes have been used only in motorsports, and then mountain biking.Disc brakes are comfortable, practical and efficient in their use.Confuses one thing - the price.But as the disc brakes are designed for extreme forms of dispute, the savings in the selection of quality is meaningless.Typing speed will not be difficult, and slow down in time and do not damage anything - skills already.