How do I turn the wireless network on a laptop ?

How do I turn the wireless network on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Router
  • Laptop
# 1

there are users who, having laptop, have not figured out how to set up a wireless network.You will need a device called a router (from the English -. Router).It will have to go to the computer shop and buy this device.Set up a wireless router is quite simple.It is necessary to connect it to the power adapter.Then, connect the twisted pair cable (UTP - Twisted Pair) to your router.Now the router is connected to the Internet.

# 2

further to include a wireless network.If your laptop is running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7, then just go to Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Network Connections (Windows 7 - Change adapter settings).Next, look at the condition of the wireless adapter.If necessary, press the right click of the mouse and click in the context menu - include.Now the wireless adapter is turned on and ready to be connected.

# 3

're connected to a wireless network.To connect the router to the network need to click on the bo

ttom right of the screen a character from the image signal or the monitor.Select the network with the name of your router and click connect.Now the wireless adapter is connected to the router.But the wireless network is not secure.To it can connect to any user within antenna range of the router.Usually the distance of a conventional router 100 meters through the air without obstacles.If you have any obstructions between the antenna signal router and antenna wireless adapter notebook signal weakens.

# 4

To configure the wireless security of the router log onto the device.To do this on a connected device, you need to open a browser and type in the address bar of and press the Enter key.Open the router interface where you need to enter in the settings of the wireless access point, and set a password.You can also change the name of the access point.Password must be at least 8 characters.It is desirable to have combined characters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

# 5

After saving the settings, you will need to re-connect to the wireless network using a password.Now, between the laptop and the router set up wireless radio link.The router can connect about 255 devices.Now it is not a question of how to connect the wireless adapter on the laptop.