How to connect the Xbox to the PC joystick ?

How to connect the Xbox to the PC joystick ?
You will need:
  • job computer
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • console X Box 360
  • free time little and patience
# 1

Most gamers who have ever playedin the X Box 360 noticed that the four-way connection is made by means of a simple USB port.And when the players have noticed this detail, they thought about how to connect the joystick xbox 360 to a computer.Console controllers support PC and I would like to note that the support is two-way.That is, on the computer and on the device used 2 identical interface that allows you to install a complete feedback.But despite this, connect the console to PC management body is not so easy task.

# 2

Just in case you need to start to enable testing at the moment.Sometimes, such that people started to learn how to connect the joystick on the xbox 360 to the computer having the presence of inefficient joystick.The verification procedure is very simple.You must first connect the joystick to the console.If it is connected, it is sufficient to turn on the co

nsole and try out all the buttons and switches all.It is absurd to exclude possible non-working part of the joystick.After verification, you can remove the joystick from the console and go to the next step.

# 3

The next step will be the preparation of the computer to ensure that it is connected to the gamepad xbox360.To view his work as a regular joystick will need additional software.It is absolutely official and his company Microsoft releases itself.So problems with drivers, and recognition should arise.And check whether fully recognized by the joystick, and whether to install the driver is very simple right.Suffice it in the Control Panel select "Printers and Other Hardware" there, right-click on the image controller and click on "Settings".

# 4

each press There is graphically displayed, which is made on the joystick.This allows you to fully understand whether functional joystick and if it requires calibration.Calibration is required if at some of the games on the console controller configuration, such as analogs and vibration sensitivity were changed.This can cause the device to behave incorrectly.The buttons can be pressed themselves as levers axis of rotation can be inverted or excessively active or passive.

# 5

After installing the required driver is to run the main program, which will help with how to connect the joystick to your PC.It is thanks to her computer will understand that it is connected to it by a joystick X Box 360 and will take it as a mother.So, look for the latest version of the program, as it is often "polished" and brought to perfection.Not rarely when the program was installed or in part, or wrong, and did not see the computer controller of the prefix, but simply controlling the USB device, which is what ordinary Chinese gamepads.

# 6

If the same procedure all installations and initialization is successful, then we can safely say that a person finally did learn how to connect to a PC joystick on the console.But do not forget about the wireless joysticks.Their work is a bit different, hence the scheme of their connection will be a little different.But it's worth noting that the above described program works with both wired and wireless devices.

# 7

360 Wireless Controller works at the usual Bluetooth technology so that, among other actions will be installing the drivers on Bluetooth.