How to make a tape of the column : information for the curious

How to make a tape of the column : information for the curious
You will need:
  • Tools - wire cutters, pliers, electrical tape, otvetku
  • basic knowledge of electronics and knowledge of soldering
  • Old magnitafon
  • little free time
# 1

Mostpeople who have never held an instrument in the hands of a do not know how to make a tape of the column.Moreover, many of them believe that it is impossible.It is even possible.Especially when you consider that the old speakers hailing from more "of the Soviet Union" to do their best, they can do a good job in the modern world.In the first place is to get acquainted with the construction of a particular model tape.

# 2

In each of them there is a charge amplifier, it is responsible for, how to connect a speaker to the recorder.This card is very important, as in the manufacture of conventional speakers from the old receiver or tape recorder, it will rewire.Maybe a little modified, but its main function amplification of the incoming signal, it will keep on all 100%.Many uninformed people often confuse the network and

the output coil winding their incorrect soldering.

# 3

This may be fraught with as the conventional circuit, and a total loss column.If a particular device is no specific information, we can at random to determine how to configure the recorder.Its configuration can be carried out simultaneously with certain measurements.These measurements show an experienced man everything he needs to know for the future adhesions.Another nuance is very meticulous type of remodel tape.

# 4

If this is the most common version of Mono, then he will make only one column and it is not the most powerful, and the combination of multiple columns with multiple devices will not allow anything other than general disorder and the sound system.There are many variations of foreign recorders with removable speakers.In this case, the most relevant will be how to connect the recorder to a computer.Usually fairly simple soldering wires, or purchase a splitter 2FemaleMiniJack3.5 to 1MaleMiniJack3.5.It will unite the 2 columns into one and will allow you to connect them as stationary.

# 5

It is worth noting that in most cases associated with the old tape recorders are interested in exactly how to connect a tape recorder in the car.Here things are much easier, because they do not need to solder power, and in general it will not be necessary.It will be enough to connect two wires from one machine amplifier, and the other from the column together with tape and all.To connect the car ready.