How to increase the recording time Fraps?

How to increase the recording time Fraps?
You will need:
  • job computer
  • Hacked Fraps
  • program of free time and little knowledge of the computer's file system
# 1

Fraps program has a very high popularity around the world.Since it is the most simple is the most simple and intuitive interface.But not everything is as good as we would like, the most basic problem fraps how to increase the recording time.Short recording time - is not only a software barrier.It should start with the fact that the free version of Fraps recording time is limited only in one minute.On the one hand - it is very easy to solve the problem.Suffice it to buy a license.But not everyone has the money to buy, especially when video recording is not needed very often.In this case, the ideal option is to install a hacked version.

# 2

should say at once, such a method to increase the recording time fraps violates some of the limits of decency, but in general, nothing criminal in this no.The so-called "tablet" for Fraps program treats the constant requirement to

register and purchase the program.It is said that the use of such pills is practical.First, it allows you to record videos without time limit, take screenshots in 5 different formats and so on.In short, it gives the user all the benefits of the paid version.At the same time, 99% of "tablets" automatically russifyi entire program, which is a very nice bonus to the "healing" of the activation and restrictions.

# 3

But there is another method that can help the user to activate fraps.Formally, this method can not be called burglary, because the user downloads a free trial version of the program source of liked him, and as a bonus gets a text document with a login and password for full activation.But, as you might guess, this type of activation is not Russified program.Another way to increase the length of the recorded video is to reduce its basic quality.Besides that fraps is known as the easiest program of its recording methods are not very encouraging.Since you can easily get a 10 second video size of more than 300 megabytes.So you have to forget about the record over 10 minutes of gameplay.

# 4

is worth noting that such a significant disadvantage not only subjected to the full version of fraps.The solution to this problem is to decrease the number of active video frames up to 25 and write permission only half of what is happening on the screen.So you can win up to 50% of the size of the recorded file.Some players suggest using other solutions from other vendors of this kind.But they are not clear and are very complex, both in terms of installation on the computer, and in terms of activation.