How to make a radio from the phone itself?

How to make a radio from the phone itself?
You will need:
  • modern working telephone
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • bit of spare time and patience
# 1

I would like to start by saying that the unit radio fromphone - it is a very solvable problem.But if so, then you can set a very reasonable question about how to make a radio from your phone.Everything is quite simple and clear.If you look at the scheme of any modern phone, there can be seen a small radio unit.That he will help in the creation of man the radio.Naturally, the radio telephone will not work the same as the real thing.It will catch at a distance of 50 - 100 meters, but much of this will be more than enough.

# 2

And so, where do I start.And we should start with the purchase or download specific software.I would like to note that this option will only work on phones with Android operating system version 2.2 and above.Principle of operation and configuration of telephone radios is very similar to how to set up the car radio.The only difference from the automobile telephone radi

os and any other that the radio telephone operating on a single channel WiFi network and place the frequency it uses the password.The simplest and cheapest software for the radio communications device may be called WiFi Talkie.

# 3

This is a very simple and easy to use program that allows you to chat with 20 people at a time.In addition, there are additional features that are not present in simple radio is sending messages, ie elementary WiFi chat, as implemented very comfortable sending files.All this happens instantly as WiFi speed is very high.But here there is a reasonable question, and how to increase the power of the radio?There are people who have lost the signal by 20 meters between the interlocutors.Blame ceases that notorious WiFi module, which, in some models, can be much more powerful, and in others the contrary, weak.

# 4

This problem is solved by analogy with how to flash the radio.Only in the case of telephone stitched WiFi module, or change configuration files, or new drivers are set.There is also a radio and Internet.It is much like the program TeamSpeak.You can tell it's her little brother.But the principle of action a little different.More resembling Skype.Two people can communicate in different countries.The same old phones, especially the Nokia mark, the question of how to communicate on ratsiireshalsya much more simple.The phones have been built in radio feature that did not require anything other than turn on itself and talk with a partner.