How to turn the dishwasher Bosch?

How to turn the dishwasher Bosch?
You will need:
  • Dishwasher
  • Rinse
  • Detergent
  • Salt levatita
# 1

Sometimes, it is impossible to wash the dishes so as to remove all the fat raids.Or have to expend enormous effort to wash all utensils, especially after the holidays or get-togethers with friends.Dishwasher appeared not so long ago, in the early 21st century, but has already gained popularity with more than half the world's inhabitants.Therefore, every self-respecting hostess must know about the features of the machine.So, we should start with how to turn the dishwasher (or women expressed "that thing").Recently I bought the machine for the first time should not run empty, as many think, and filled dishes.You must know that there is the whole system works to mitigate the tap water using a specialized levatita and salt.On the machine should be on the icon if the salt is not enough.A vessel for salt in many dishwashers under the last basket.Before starting the unit is required to fill 2 kg of salt in the very special containe

r, located inside the dishwasher.So, after salt is loaded, you should place the dirty dishes and pour into special containers with detergent rinse.

# 2

Now, already has some idea of ​​the efficiency of this unit.Next, how to use the dishwasher properly.To do this, you should know that it contains 2 baskets.One - the lower, the other - the top.It is not difficult.Thus, the upper basket is designed so that it loaded oversized dining items: dishes, glasses, cups.Naturally, everything is washed with water, so you need to place small items in the upper basket so that the whole surface of the water gets inside it.It should be noted that the cleaning of glasses made of porcelain is necessary to put them on some distance from each other.The lower basket is designed for an overall kitchen appliances as the water pressure on it is directed much more powerful than the upper basket.It should place large plates, various types of pans, cauldrons, bowls, pots.Dishes with the fat on the walls or burnt food on the bottom of the required hot water soak before the hook or in the dishwasher.

# 3

will be interesting to also know how to work the dishwasher during startup?It works via a water supply through a special valve.Before you start, it should be fully open to let in the water.The valve opens and cold water enters through special pipes to the heating elements, and after heating sprayed on the dishes.So, before you turn on the unit, it is advisable to check that the crockery is properly covered with the right amount of salt, bathed in detergent and rinse aid.Do not worry if some dishes were not loaded.At any time you can press Stop and report.It's not a problem.

# 4

Before you choose an embedded dishwasher, it is advisable to decide whether it needs to function such as a delayed start.With it you can not run the machine only after the download, but after some time.So with the help of this function you can put a timer with a delay of washing dishes for two to six hours.In addition to delayed start, model Bosch dishwashers have several programs designed for washing dishes made of different materials.Now that women are familiar with the briefing on the operation of such a miracle, they will not have to torment their husbands or calling specialists.