Connecting the recorder to your PC , laptop

Connecting the recorder to your PC , laptop
You will need:
  • Tape
  • wire at one end of the 2 outputs (R & L), at the other end of one output to 3.5
  • Laptop
# 1

Many people,who their memories are important, consider these tips.Let's start with the fact that there is such a thing as the digitization of audio cassettes.Many specialists offer services in this area, but we'll show you how to do it yourself.So, first you need to understand how to connect a tape recorder.For this we need the tape himself, audio tape, cord, laptop.Do not worry about the fact of the tape, the release - will approach any business.Attention!You should check what conclusions are available in tape.Usually they are behind.We find them, they are called Audioout (lineout).Accordingly, one wire is connected to the R (right speaker) and the other to the L (left speaker).The other end of the wire is connected to the notebook.Find the connector, it is next to the microphone jack and additional speakers.

# 2

make certain operations with a tape recorder, ask question

s, how to remove the tape without damaging the recorded tracks and the tape itself.So first, what about recording tracks.Here you can dig on the Internet and find the program.We recommend Audacity.It is suitable for many operating systems and greatly simplifies the inexperienced user to work on it.You can record in the format.WAV and import into any formats.When recording is not advised to touch the wires.After all this, we turn off the tape and remove the wires.First of tape wires R and L (audioout), then only a laptop.

# 3

Now, when you know the features, move on to how to make a tape recorder so that he was working in the recording mode.It's pretty simple.Take the lead, which we have already mentioned, and in the laptop inserted into the microphone jack.the impression will be created that tape "singing" into the microphone.But note will "sing" it is quality, not need any "voice" processing.So, click the Record button (in the Audacity program) on a laptop while the Play button on the tape recorder.Voila, a favorite past times are now recorded on a laptop!

# 4

now turn to the question of how to make the power of the recorder.If the tape is well preserved, and the dynamics of it in perfect condition, you get a great amplifier.There are 2 ways.The first method is easier and more efficient, so tell first about him.We take the same wire, connect to Linein outputs (input) on the recorder and the other end plugs into the notebook headphone jack.Done!If there is no connector on the tape, then move on to the second method.Take the most common wire, bare the it.Open the cassette tape, tear off the read head and pulls the wire to it.And the other side is connected to the PC or laptop.

# 5

So, after reading this article, you can manually connect the recorder to a laptop and easily record "retro hits" music library to fill up, not caring in the future of the state of audiotapes.