How to connect the motor of the washing machine ?

How to connect the motor of the washing machine ?
You will need:
  • washing machine
  • guide
# 1

Broke machine?We need to call a specialist?- Can!But how many will have to pay?That's right, you should refer to the article and learn about the work of SOS azah washing machine.So, the machine does not feed power - broken motor.Actually, how to connect the motor of the washing machine after buying new?You should know that the washing machine motors to asynchronous type.The first type is a single-phase.In principle, it is rated at 220 Volts.It can be connected easily, but it has a low level of efficiency.The second type - a two-phase.Designed for voltage less than 500 volts.To reduce such stress is necessary to use a capacitor, suitable for the capacity or reducing autotransformer.We connect the winding connection to the network, and to provide the second voltage after the capacitor.The third type - three-phase motors.You can use only a small load on the machine.It is simple to connect.

# 2

So, the power in the machine there, but the wash doe

s not happen?Blame - a drum, because it is not cool.How to disassemble the drum of the washing machine?To do this, we need wrenches, screwdriver, wire cutters.You must first remove the top cover of the machine.Disconnect the control panel, you need to remove the tubes extending from the tank.Next you need to unscrew the bolts fastening screws connecting the front and back of the tank, using a wrench and a screwdriver, respectively.After removing the strap and unscrewing the nut to pull out the drum.That's all!

# 3

If it's not in the drum, then the matter in the belt - it broke.So, how to change the strap in a washing machine?After removing the drum, it is necessary to inspect the belt.If it is torn or "fluff" should urgently change it.Knowing the model number of the washing machine, you must go to the store and there is definitely a pick belt.It is necessary to insert the belt back to the process of dismantling the drum.

# 4

typewriter repaired, but there was another problem - she beats shock.So, how to ground the washing machine?For this it is necessary that the potential that comes to tap the potential of equal cars, with its housing must be grounded.Then, even if there will be a short circuit, the circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply to the body.I want to say that the beat of the current, can be felt not only on the machines, but also from the tap, as it is a good conductor.

# 5

Many wondered how to collect the washing machine?The fact that a large part of the machine - is plastic.The filling itself is made of stainless steel (drum).The cover for cars made quite isolated from the water, so that she will not escape.When you close the cover is an automatic lock which, when starting the machine, snaps for the duration of the wash.It should be noted that some of the machines are dolgosluzhaschih German and Korean.Now learn a lot of useful facts and tips, everyone will be able to cope with his machine, without recourse to experts.