How do I know navigator model : determine the serial number

How do I know navigator model : determine the serial number
You will need:
  • Navigator
  • Internet access
# 1

Navigator - a device which allows to determine the location in space.To date, the necessary means, if a person goes on a long trip on his iron horse.So, how do you know navigator model.Each browser is the operating system with which you can enter the serial number.Mainly, you need to go to the browser settings and the right window to find our information about the browser.If information is missing, you should look under the battery, there should be a sticker with the serial number.

# 2

When buying a device in the hypermarket have to wonder how to check the navigator?To get started, check the package itself, its integrity, new or not.After opening the box, it is necessary to make sure that all items are present in the specified equipment.Next, enable the navigator to see the appearance of the menu screen.If the language is not Russian, then in the settings looking for Russian language.Having bought a navigator, every person coming on the s

treet is obliged to re-enable it.In this case, the device catches the satellites and locates a human.

# 3

Navigator periodically require updating and filling of new maps.We turn to the question of how to fill in the map navigator.Of course, in the Navigator already flooded certain cards, but not the fact that they correspond to reality.That is, in fact, there goes construction and the road is blocked or does not, and the navigator can create a route through this road.So with the help of the internet download the Map Source program or Send Map;they are updated over the Internet and allow to work directly with our navigation.

# 4

We sit in the car, gathered on a long trip, and then wondered how to enter the coordinates in the browser?To find the location of the area, or use Google maps Yandex (as you prefer).Enter a place name, and Google gives us the exact coordinates in degrees and fractions of minutes.Next, write down the results in the browser window, and he told us paves convenient route.It is worth noting, the more decimal places in fractions of minutes, the better will be determined location.

# 5

So in conclusion I would like to talk about how to properly use the navigator.To learn how to use the navigator, it is not necessary to know much.You can restrict the instructions for use, which is in each box with the device.Do not neglect it.Also, enough computer knowledge to intuitively feel the entire browser interface.In our digital age, the navigator is not just a convenience - it's a necessity.Now, after reading the article, readers learned something for yourself about this device and make all the necessary steps when buying.