How to connect a car subwoofer to the computer?

How to connect a car subwoofer to the computer?
You will need:
  • PSU 12
  • Audio-wire
  • Soldering
  • Half an hour time
# 1

First of all, before you connect a car subwoofer tocomputer, you need to examine yourself subwoofer.Typically, car audio feed of 12 V. However, there are also powered 24 or 16 V. If the power is still 12, there are two ways of connecting a subwoofer.First - powered from the computer power supply.The second - to use an external power supply.Do not skimp on the power supply.Many sound problems are connected with poor quality power supplies.This is the case when it is better to overpay a little bit, but get a good sound.

# 2

When subwoofer is powered, it remains only to deal with how to connect the subwoofer to the computer.You will need an adapter to the computer audio jack on the subwoofer connector.In most cases, the subwoofer is the entrance of the "tulip".This adapter cable can be found in most stores of audio or Radio Shack.Or, if the audio cables and connectors, solder itself.It will take it all no more than 15


# 3

less common option when no subwoofer connectors.But there are pads or simply stick the audio wires.Actions in this case are similar to the previous version, the only difference is that you will need only the audio cable with audio jack or connector itself, which will have to solder the wires to the subwoofer.

# 4

Before to connect the subwoofer to the computer, it is best to test it without connecting directly to the computer.From mistakes no one is immune, and deprived of sound cars, and even entire computer due to careless or improper solder connection, no one wants.You can make use of mp3-player or something similar.The sound could be a little distorted - this is normal.Still, the subwoofer is not just a speaker.If the sound is - can be connected to your computer and enjoy the powerful and high-quality sound to your favorite tracks.

# 5

And a couple of tips that will help simplify and improve the sound.Before soldering the best sketch that will come unsoldered.Even if you have a good memory, during operation can escape, for example, in a telephone conversation.A schematic sketch desoldering scheme will collect all without error.

# 6

In addition, all cables and connectors must be well insulated.It is not only safety requirements, but avoid hiss and "wheezing" speakers.Do not twist the cables audio with each other or with other wires.This can give a crosstalk and make changes in the transmitted signal.That can lead to long hours written search causes of poor sound.

# 7

Having a car subwoofer, can be an order of magnitude better sound home audio system.Several wires, a little time and a direct hand will provide a truly magnificent sound.