Make columns of the tape with his own hands

Make columns of the tape with his own hands
You will need:
  • Audio
  • Screwdrivers
  • cable
  • Maybe soldering
# 1

Having a good tape recorder, you can make it a great column.Conversely, having a good speaker, easily how to connect speakers to the recorder, and use the system as an amplifier for them.In fact, any of the recorder can be obtained excellent active speakers.Active means that will be used built-in amplifier of the tape.This well affect not only the volume but also on their quality.

# 2

The first is to review the instructions in the tape - there may be described how to set up a tape recorder for receiving an external signal.If no instructions or anything like that it is not written, it is necessary to examine for the presence of a tape recorder audio input (AUX, "Lin. Bx." Or "Record").To use the recorder as a speaker to submit enough signal to this input.

# 3

remains to deal with how to connect the recorder to your computer via this connector.Typically, adapter cables are available in all audio stores.And not only for

modern connectors, but also under the Soviet-type connectors.If there was not, and then there will need a soldering iron and audio cables.Scheme desoldering cable can be found on the Internet.15 minutes - and ready to good speakers of tape recorder.

# 4

If any of the input connectors on the recorder housing is not, then there will need a screwdriver.After the tape dismantled, it is necessary to find the amplifier input stages.It is not difficult.Typically, these devices have made modular, that is, with high probability the amplifier itself will be presented in a separate unit, which is easily recognized by the presence of the radiator.It is at these inputs and served our signal.This is similar to how to connect a tape recorder in the car.

# 5

It remains only to add audio jack for convenience only.And assemble it all back.Yet it's worth noting that such alteration is desirable to have at least the initial engineering skills and strictly observe safety precautions.

# 6

If you have the tools and desire to get a good sound out of what is at hand, it does not take much time.Tape can be used not only as an active speaker, but also as a sound processing device using an equalizer or any of its other functions.