How to use the navigator on android without the Internet ?

How to use the navigator on android without the Internet ?
You will need:
  • device with the Android operating system.
  • Installed program - navigator
  • Internet access
# 1

a loss as to how to use the navigation on Android, long gone, as it turned out to be very simple.When you connect to the Internet only need to run a program that will automatically locate the host.After that, just select the destination, and the route will pave the program.Difficulties usually occur when there is no internet connection.

# 2

Then the question arises: "How to activate the card in the navigator?".This is the question you need to take care in advance, before the critical moment.To do this, you must first download the maps, which can be necessary.Sometimes they already have in the program - the navigator, then to activate the desired card you simply choose from the list.But often, when trying to open the card, the program will offer its first download.

# 3

There are many programs - browsers for Android.The most popular - "Navitel", "City Navigator", "Yandex Ma

ps.".Some browsers have a sound and the ability to change the voice for it, some do not have such an opportunity.Therefore, to learn how to change the voice in the navigator, it is better to visit the site of the program vendor and see the responses to see the necessary information.

# 4

In connection with the frequent release of new versions of software you need to know how to upgrade your browser.More often than not, the program will notify the new release and offer to upgrade.This can only happen if the settings of the devices on the Android platform, the system is not turned off the automatic software updates.

# 5

You should know that if for navigation use in offline mode is not possible to download the maps directly on the device itself, you can download them to a PC and then load in the Maps folder in your device with the Android OS.To do this, you need to know how to connect your device to a PC.Typically, this presents no difficulties, since modern devices are connected to the PC automatically by connecting through USB - port.However, in some cases it is necessary to install the drivers from the included disc.

# 6

These simple facts help make use of the navigator as comfortable as possible.A defective navigator will help find a way out from anywhere in the city.