How to connect the speakers to a tape recorder ?

How to connect the speakers to a tape recorder ?
You will need:
  • Soldering
  • Tin
  • Rosin
  • shielded wire
  • plug
  • Device
# 1

Any technology designed for what would be the blocks to work eachother correctly.To make the whole system to work properly, you must specify how to connect a speaker to the recorder.It's simple - if the speakers are active, you can easily connect it directly to the line output.Otherwise, connect to the output of the power amplifier of low frequency.In accordance with the technical and electrical data.

# 2

main problem when working with machinery - its correct setting.On this depends the life expectancy (service) and quality of electronic equipment, including tape.Therefore, the most important task - how to set up a tape recorder.If the system amplitude characteristic ULF with a frequency response of speakers, you can "work" voice-box.That is to suppress unwanted frequencies (depending on the frequency response units) and raise desired.

# 3

When the house "rolls" the tape, there is a desire to use it in ful

l.Of course, that would remedy the situation, we shall understand how to connect the recorder to a computer.The real question is not idle, but can be easily solved.What would be recorded on tape, you must use a special cable (preferably shielded and qualitative) for line-level input / output to connect the appropriate channel, and press the record button.

# 4

As we said above - the main thing that would have an electronic system to work smoothly.The same applies to work the tape recorder in the car.To organize the work, you need to understand - how to connect a tape recorder in the car.There is nothing complicated - it should work without overload - at rated power.But to do "extra" (ungrounded) supply is not rational, as it can burn unit, and will be a pointless waste of electricity.

# 5

Today it is impossible to imagine a non-multimedia computer.We can not imagine a computer without a voice - music.Videos and Toys impossible to even imagine.If there are no speakers, but there is a tape recorder, you can decide how to make a tape of the column.In fact, everything is simple - virtually any recorder has a built-in amplifier with speaker system.In fact, it is powered speakers.So you just need to connect it to your computer and enjoy the "soundtrack".

# 6

So, if it is good to see "scratched" - can refuse to buy speakers.Unless of course we will find at the tape recorder.Just connect it to a PC.It can be a good idea to save money, but the quality may well be even higher than that of the cheap Chinese speakers, because the old equipment has already passed the "run".