How can I see the amount of RAM ?

How can I see the amount of RAM ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Software
# 1

Many people who become interested in the device and the operating principles of the personal computer, sooner or later the question arises: how to view the RAM on the computer?From that, how much memory is installed in the system unit, the computer's performance depends, that is, its speed, and the possibility of a comfortable multitasking.Multitasking - the ability to handle at the same point in time a number of different processes running in the computer's memory.So, there are several ways to find the amount of RAM, each in its own way is convenient.

# 2

RAM represents one or more chips that are inserted into special connectors on the motherboard.Typically, these connectors are located on the upper right side of the motherboard, to the right of the CPU.They are easily recognizable because they are only located perpendicular to the bottom of the system unit.If you can open the device and PC to gain access to its component

parts, then there is no problem in order to find out the amount of RAM.Each strip is signed, what her size, respectively, if a few bars, you just need to calculate the total amount by simple addition.Currently, memory measured in megabytes or gigabytes for server use different order numbers - terabytes and petabytes.In fact, 1 gigabyte equals 1,024 megabytes, but a simple calculation using the rounding, and therefore provisionally considered that 1 gigabyte - is 1000 megabytes.

# 3

If physical access to the items are missing, you can simply turn on the device, wait until the operating system starts and open the properties on the screen of the computer.This action can be done either via the "Start" and "Computer" menu, or by right-clicking on the icon "Computer" on the desktop.The description must find the item labeled "RAM" or "Installed memory".These data and there is the amount of RAM on your computer.

# 4

There are some nuances, because of which the operating system may understate the amount of RAM.For example, the WindowsXP operating system for 32-bit systems can support no more than 3 GB of RAM.And even if you are physically in the system unit will stand trims a total of 4 or 8 GB, only 3GB will show up in the system properties.Therefore, in order to be sure of how much all the same memory installed in your computer, you must install a program that examines and evaluates the status of the computer, the quality and characteristics of its components, and then displays a report about the condition.For example, the program "Everest" or "CPU-Z".These programs are free and freely available via the Internet.You can not only see the amount of memory, but also to know which graphics card is installed in the computer, a processor, what is the volume of the hard disk, and so on. d.

# 5

reading this article, you can learn Through such programs-analyzers,where and how to examine all the characteristics of the computer, including RAM.All this can be done fast, free and alone, without resorting to third-party professional services.