How to record a conversation on the iphone : technical tips

How to record a conversation on the iphone : technical tips
You will need:
  • Phone iphone
  • app cydia
  • Tweek Audio Recorder
  • program Skype
# 1

With iphone phone, everyone wants to use its capabilities as much as possible.Thanks to the developers of various programs, iphone becoming smarter and smarter.In life there are situations in which, after talking on the phone can be sozhelet that this conversation was not recorded.With the tweak from cydia Audio Recorder can be trained companion to keep their words and do not throw them on the wind.

# 2

In order to know kakzapisat conversation on iphone, you need to install cydia application.The application in use is very easy and simple.All conversations recorded on the phone will be stored.Whenever possible, you can listen to them at any time.Appendix Audio Recorder supports the Russian language.Recorded conversations can be both outgoing and incoming.Audio Recorder The developers added a feature interlocutor alerts about recording the conversation.

# 3

iphone owners are often interested in the q

uestion of the need to record the conversation on tape.However, according to the company «Apple», to carry out the recording of conversations is prohibited by US law.Therefore, to answer the question of how to record the conversation on tape is not possible.Apparently, "Apple" did this in order to protect its customers.

# 4

Modern life is unimaginable without the phone.Phone is not just for personal use, but also in the office.If the telephone conversation skill is not available, then this creates a tense atmosphere and the voice of the caller is not clear.There are some difficulties in how to talk on the phone.This is - the lack of visual support, ie, the sides of each other can not see the presence of interference and noise...

# 5

During communication via Skype is possible not only to talk with the person, but also to see him, send instant messages.More important it is that this program is free.Often there are situations when the source explains important issue step by step.To know kakproslushatrazgovor on Skype once again, you can write it down using free software MP3 Skype Recoder.The program is simple in its use.

# 6

There are cases when an urgent need to get a listing of telephone conversations or as it is called - itemized billing.Get it only one way.To learn how to get a listing of telephone conversations, you need to refer to the cellular operator.Get details of calls you can without leaving the house, using the "online service" on the Internet.For example, the subscriber "MTS" on the official website of the need to use the "Internet Assistant".