How to specify the path to the file in the browser ?

How to specify the path to the file in the browser ?
You will need:
  • navigator
  • machine
# 1

Perhaps the most important question is - how to specify the path in the navigator.This is done, in fact, is very simple and does not require any special knowledge.Just go to "function" and there press the "destination."Then you need to enter the place where you want to get there, and wait for 5-10 seconds.Navigator will calculate a route itself, for example, to the cafe, and more female voice will prompt, where rotation as drive, speed allowed, and things like that.By the way, it is better when buying a right to pay attention to the price and the navigator on the tongue.Often when buying a navigator no Russian language, so do not feel sorry and take the unit more expensive for the driver own good.

# 2

The second thing I would like to consider is how to clear browser, because it has a certain amount of memory that can not be completely clog.Item "cleaning" is also in "features", and if you do not want to delete all the routes specified navigator,

then they can remove the check mark, or choose the "delete all" column.There are machines that are integrated in the navigator, and can be synchronized, for example, a phone or a tablet.And how to synchronize the browser?To do this, it is necessary to make sure that the device has a USB-device or Bluetooth.Then the problems will not be enough to push the same "functions" "search for devices".For people who used smartphones, this operation does not seem difficult.Once found a navigator phone, he asks him access to the files.The phone need to click "allow", and everything is ready!Navigator is synchronized with the device and can be executed on the desired operation.

# 3

Navigators on thousands of store shelves, some, cheaper, older versions;some, more expensive new ones.How to know the version browser?Very simple, just look at the documents for which you purchased the navigation.If they lost, then simply open the rear panel navigator and look at it and the version number.Another version of the browser can understand the way this device works.If the buggy and slow sets the routes, then obviously old.By the way, in tablets and smartphones browser version can be reinstalled.Only as from the plate to make the navigator?Just download the software!It is as well as on pirate sites, and on the websites of search engines.For example, google-maps or Yandex-maps.If the version of the browser has grown old, it will automatically notify you to update it.Navigator itself is free software, and updates too.That's all the information about the browser, the most necessary for drivers with experience and those who have recently got behind the wheel.We hope it will be useful!