How to learn parkour from scratch?

How to learn parkour from scratch?

Parkour - is one of the most prominent interests of young people in urban areas.This word is called the moving machinery in the city at high speed.More and more people around the world obey the sense of freedom and ease and almost unlimited possibilities that this sport offers.But the main problem beginners is that Parkour is not just to learn, by itself.For beginners extreme, we have collected the most useful tips.

For starters consider the possibility of his body.Parkour - this is a very traumatic type of activity, in order to deal with them, you need to have not only developed muscles, but also an excellent stretch and the ability to quickly orient themselves in any situation.Seek out their weaknesses and strengthen them, even if it takes a lot of time - for example, do some martial arts.Remember that the error does not forgive parkour.

Find a mentor.The theory - it is fine, but when next to you is a man who will always help, advise, tell, you will learn much faster.

Together with the teacher pic

k the right clothes for winter and summer.Equipment should be free, not to hinder movement of the body, but at the same time it is not necessary to choose such clothing that is easy for something to catch or tear - such things only in the way.

Select a location for training.This should be a space where we can apply the basic skills, but in any case not abandoned and dilapidated.Get serious injury or even say goodbye to life in the earliest stages of the development of art - it's not as cool as it sounds.Start training on the ground, for example, on sports grounds, and only confidently mastering basic skills, move to more complex objects.Do not forget to scrutinize the features of the landscape, in the future the ability to quickly navigate the area and find the object is not just rescue you.

Start with simple exercises: technique of their performance will tell you a mentor or, if it is not possible to look at the video on the Internet.But do not start to exercise without warming up and if you do not fully understand how to perform a particular action.Even trained muscles and ligaments can be easily damaged, not observing these safety precautions.

And finally, do not forget about your health: eat right, throw drink and smoke regularly surveyed by a doctor.A healthy body - your best assistant in the performance of complex tricks, but if it suddenly something disorder, you will look not cool.Good luck in training!