How to format the drive from the command line ?

How to format the drive from the command line ?
You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • find a label be formatted disc
# 1

Every PC user sooner or later confronted with the problem - how to format the hard disk through the command line?Many people think that you need to be a computer genius to do, but it is actually very simple.

# 2

For starters learn letter-label the disc that you want to format.Open the window "My Computer" and watch their wheels eg Local Disk (D:) Then press the START button, find the line is completed and click on it the left mouse button, in the opened window has a data input line (perhaps there is something to be written,delete it), and then enter the three letters cmd, and then press the ENTER key on the keyboard or the OK button in the window.And here we see it - the command line.It is here that you can format the drive.Black box (command line) is waiting for the command, the cursor winks input.

# 3

Immediately you can enter format - this format command, then you need to add formatting options - press the

space bar and the letter stamped in Latin tag of the disk that you want to format, then a colon and the keyboard, press the ENTER key.Example of the Disk Cleanup Team D: - format D: Formatting will start immediately.This procedure is not a quick and mostly dependent on a hard drive volume.The disk volume is formatted to terabytes an hour.The file system at the same time remain unchanged.

# 4

formatting options allow you to change the file disk system, you do not hurry to press ENTER, and press the space bar and prescribe / FS: FAT and / FS: FAT32 or / FS: NTFS to choose from, respectively, the desired file system, thenpress ENTER to start the formatting according to specified parameters.Disk Cleanup Team D: with the change of the FAT file system to NTFS system would look like - format D: / FS: NTFS and press ENTER.Also, the parameters of the format may include a command to quickly clean the disc - / Q Let's say there is a need to quickly clean up the D: drive for this at the command prompt, enter the following - format D: / Q and press ENTER on the keyboard, the disk is formatted almost instantly.But in this case, the drive is not completely cleaned, deleted a file location settings.

# 5

were instances when files after quick format hindered the proper operation of the operating system, and if in the future will be the operating system installed on the disk, it is best to format the disk completely.Formatting can not begin if one of the programs will use the files on the disk being formatted for its intended purpose.For example a computer player will play the song with the target disk or a picture from the disk will be opened in Photoshop that you want to format.

# 6

Command Line is a powerful tool and a major assistant to the user PC.Just enter help at the command prompt, and you will see a big list of what can help the command line.