How to tighten inner thigh ?

How to tighten inner thigh ?
You will need:
  • Running
  • Squats wide rack
  • Dilution and mixing feet
  • Mahi feet
  • Massage
  • Wraps
# 1

Running, rightly consideredindispensable for anyone who wants to bring her figure in order and to maintain muscle tone.While running, the whole body is involved and, above all, the burden falls on the feet.Body fat will be burned in all parts of the body.The inner side of the thigh will also be actively involved.Therefore, those who want to bring the hip in the order, running will become an indispensable kind of physical activity.

# 2

squat for a long time considered to be the basic exercises for the whole body.During squats load, of course, directed at his feet.There are different types of squats, but it wants to focus on the inner side of the thigh, wide stance squats are a great exercise.However, this will require the correct implementation of technology.To get started you need to put the feet wider than shoulders, at a distance of approximately 60-70 cm apart.The back should be s

traight, chin and looking up.Desirably, the hands will be small dumbbells.If the load is not present, then the hands can cross in front of or behind the neck.Squat should be slowly until thighs are parallel to the floor.Feeling the maximum voltage, it is necessary to return to the starting position.Squats are performed smoothly and without jerks.We must start with 2-3 sets, performing each for 15-20 reps.

# 3

training for internal muscles is not conceivable without the exercise kick their feet.Getting used to it over time, you can wear weights on his feet.To make the initial position to sit down on the floor, lean on your forearms on the floor.Legs should be raised so that they become perpendicular to the floor.With an effort should be as widely spread his legs, and then return to starting position.You can then bend the knees and also to breed in hand.These exercises are performed in 3 sets of 20 times.

# 4

Mahi feet are the most simple and basic exercises for inner thigh.There are many embodiments of the swings.To make the home position need to lie down on his right side, left leg prisognut in the knee, and the right to begin to fulfill mahi.Do not take away the leg during exercise.Efficiency will be, if the feet to attach weights.

# 5

All exercise is undoubtedly very useful for the figure, but fast effect provides a comprehensive approach to the problem.Massage is one of the important components for those who want to have perfect feet.Through massage stimulates blood flow, improves lymph flow.This procedure will not only tighten the thigh, but also to remove cellulite.massage course should not be interrupted.

# 6

Those who are interested in how to tighten the inner thigh, it will be useful to know about and wraps.This procedure can be done at home.considered wrapping of honey and ground coffee the most effective.It is best to do them after the massage, the effect is then accelerated by half.On clean skin must be rubbed with honey and coffee.It will be useful before the wrap cling film feet, clap his hands over his thighs.The procedure is very painful, but we all know that beauty is worth the victims.When you need to wrap the feet, wear warm pants or lie down under a blanket.During this time, I do not need anything to eat.After 2 hours to wash off the honey.